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  • Sarah Del Rey

Incense and Their Healing Properties

Whether you are burning incense for meditation, prayer, ceremony, therapy, aesthetic reasons, or to cleanse and clear a space, the different kinds of incense to choose from are endless!

Walking into a store to purchase incense can quickly become overwhelming. Usually, there are well over a dozen different kinds of incense (sticks) displayed in opened glass jars and most places don’t list the properties behind the different kinds of incense.

Some people choose incense based on the fragrance while others are interested in the properties they hold! Below, you will find an incense property guide that we hope makes your next incense purchase easy and enjoyable!


-Different Incenses and their Properties-

~Lavender~relaxation, sleep aid, protection, purification, cleansing, healing, romance, serenity

~Sandalwood~purification, protection, good luck, increased energy

~Juniper~cleansing, centering, clarifying, focus, psychic protection, breaking a string of bad luck

~Lemongrass~mental clarity, channeling, communication, refreshing, relief of respiratory conditions

~Pine~cleansing, healing, strengthening, banishing negative energy

~Frankincense~reduce inflammation, prevent infections, relieve anxiety, boost the immune system and fight cancer

~Patchouli~protection, grounding, attract love, money, connection, sensuality, fertility, happiness

~Amber~love, happiness, comfort, healing, past life discovery

~Sweetgrass~Purification, space clearing, calls for ancestral and spirit helpers, ancient wisdom

~Cedar~calming, comforting, clarifies, purifies, protects (against nightmares)

~Cinnamon~concentration, focus, prosperity, success, healing, love, romance, amplifying the energy of rituals, strength

~Sage~cleansing, balancing mind/body/ soul, cleansing, creating & purifying sacred space, protection, wisdom.


We love the benefits of burning incense! Whether we are looking to unwind and relax, reduce our stress and anxiety levels, perform a meditation or women’s circle ceremony, stimulate creativity or increase focus there’s incense for that! What are some of your favorite incenses and why!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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