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  • Sarah Del Rey

The Ancient Wisdom of Crystal Pendulums

What are crystal pendulums? What crystals do they use? What does it do? How does it work! All of these questions will be answered below!

When I first got into crystals, I would visit the metaphysical store and the stunning array of crystal pendulums would always catch my eye! Because of this, I decided to learn more about them!

“Pendulums are simple pieces of metal or crystal suspended on a chain or string. If you are just starting to dowse, crystal pendulums are easier to work with because they magnify energy.”

You will likely see a wide variety of different crystal pendulums at the metaphysical store, don’t become overwhelmed in which one to choose - let it choose you! Our advice is to pick one that catches your eye. Then, the true test is to hold the crystal pendulum in your left hand. Stand firmly yet comfortably on the ground. Close your eyes and relax. With a clear and quiet mind, let your body be pulled forward or backward. If you are pulled forward, it is for you, if you are pulled back, put it back!

If you are looking for a great beginning crystal pendulum to work with, we recommend any of these because of their simple yet powerful properties!


- Crystal Pendulum Types -

~Clear Quartz~ Improve the quality of life, channels any energy and amplifies it

~Rose Quartz~ A love stone. Gentle vibrations of love for the owner. Gives inner peace/helps in all matters pertaining to love in all its forms, and opens the heart to love

~Amethyst~ Master healer, overall protection, physical, emotional, and mental balance


So what does a pendulum do? Well, the pendulum is the tool and the act of using it is called dowsing. And dowsing is regarded as an ancient natural ability.

You hold the end of the pendulum and let the crystal hang. Next, you ask the crystal pendulum a yes or no question. The pendulum will move a certain way depending on the answer! To figure out what movement indicates yes, and what movement indicates no, you will have to hold it and test it out with obvious yes or no questions. For example, asking if you are women, and seeing the movement. Then asking the opposite question, and seeing the change in movement.

How does it work? Well, it works because “inside you is a deep inner space. Some people call it the soul or spirit, which is connected to everything. This inner space knows everything- it really does...When you ask a pendulum a question, it moves. So does your arm. But you don’t consciously move it; you couldn’t stop it if you tried...This is because that very clever space inside you is telling you the answer and expressing it through muscles in your arm. In this way, a pendulum gives you an external physical representation of your natural inner knowing.”

Incredible! We find working with a crystal pendulum useful for the little things, such as picking out the right crystals to work with, too big things, such as chakra healing work! We love our handy little Clear Quartz pendulum! Have you tried dowsing? Tell us about your experiences!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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