• Cassandra Wilder

Living in a Jungle: My Home with 100+ Houseplants

If you've been following Cassandra on her Instagram @wildgoddess, then likely you've seen photos of her home and many, many houseplants. Today she's sharing a humorous blog post with you and some insight into her love of plants.

Alright folks, it's happened. I think I have stepped into the official status of Crazy Plant Lady. Who would've thought that Ms. Plant Murderer herself would someday develop a green thumb and go on to take care of over 100 houseplants? Not I.

In just a year, I've tripled my houseplant collection. One, because I moved into a much larger home (aka lots more windows) and Two, because why not??

While online I'm so often talking about natural health as a Naturopathic Doctor, working with clients 1:1, leading Sacred Goddess Retreats, guiding online trainings and being an impactful entrepreneur, it's fun to have one simple pleasure and for me, that's plants.

People on Instagram often remark how my plant obsession reminds them that I'm human, and I love that. Yes, I can guide a ceremony and yes, I can help with your health conditions, but I'm still a human being who adores plants and matcha lattes and hiking in the mountains. (perhaps in that order...)

While I adore all of my plants, I love the stories in how I got each of these plants. Most of them were from moving sales or the online classifieds. I've gotten some of these big beautiful plants that could've easily sold for $100 - $200 for $20 bucks. I've gotten a handful at Home Depot, Lowe's and plant stores and I've propagated my fair share too.

This gorgeous rubber tree pictured below was part of a massive deal I found online of a guy moving from the same area I live in and who had 8 beautiful plants like this listed for $100. You better believe I was banging on his door with a cleaned out 4Runner in about 10 minutes flat.

I also adore my Monstera plant. I had wanted one of these babies for a long time, but wasn't ready to drop a few hundred dollars on a plant. When I found this gorgeous plant for less than $20, I immediately scooped it up.

I also LOVE my dragon trees. I got two 6 foot dragon trees for $10 each from a moving sale. How cool is that?

I've learned a few humorous things about myself over the last few years of owning plants, so here's some random observations I've discovered along the way:

-it is literally impossible for me to turn down a good deal on a plant

-some days I check the plant classifieds 3xs a day

-while my home has over 100 plants, it seems that all I can notice are all of the excellent plant spots that are still available

-I'm convinced I'm addicted to plants because of the increased oxygen in my home

-I'm all about low maintenance plants, and have yet to gamble with some more exotic, finicky ones

-my plants are the first thing I greet when I get home from a trip

-I am over people assuming I spend hours a day watering my plants (truth: I spend 30 minutes a week watering all of them!)

-I've never met a pothos I didn't love

-a giant ledge going around the ceiling of my living room cries out to be covered in plants

-I've officially become the kind of person who buys macrame plant hangers

-I've officially become the kind of person who needs to buy a stud finder to hang said plant hangers

-it takes everything in me to not go to the plant store once a week

-my living room has 25 ft ceilings and I feel like I need a massive tree in there

-my crazy plant lady-ness has trickled into my yard and I'm convinced my home and yard are the most beautiful on my street

-I think succulents are