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  • Sarah Del Rey

Earth Spirit Grow: a Children's Book About Emotional Alchemy

I once received a gift that I hold very close to my heart.

It was at my first Bassnectar curated event in Atlantic City in 2017. And if you don’t know, Bassnectar is a DJ with a large following. Lorin otherwise known as Bassnectar is all about creating a community of like-minded individuals and giving back to the community.

At his curated events, he and his team carefully curate everything from start to finish. There are venders, workshops, yoga, safe spaces, a variety of artists, and a gift alter.

I loved the idea of a gift alter. You would leave a gift and take a gift, how awesome is that?! The gift I bought was a reiki charged candle, a bracelet I made, and a poem I wrote! I set the gift down and wished it well and hoped it would bring a smile to someone's face! And it was at the gift alter that I received a special gift.

I was pulled toward what looked like a book, I picked it up and flipped through it quickly and saw some beautifully designed colorful pages of animals. I put it in my bag and when I got home from the event, I took out the book to look at it fully and to my surprise, it was one of the most incredible and meaningful gifts I could have received!

The title of the book was “Earth Spirit Grow”, by Jennifer E. Fickes. Inside the books cover it said, “May your future be bright like the Sun”. Also inside was a typed note from Jenny that said:

The whole concept touched my heart. At that time, I was a nanny and I always felt that one of my biggest passions was teaching children healthy emotions. So the meaning behind this book resonated with me.

Jenny’s message of “Planting positive seeds, to grow a bright future!” was so heartwarming to see. The back of the book states, “Earth Spirit Grow begins to create emotional intelligence through simple ‘I AM’ statements during crucial subconscious development. Earth Spirit Grow utilizes imagination to identify and create emotions of happiness, bravery, health, strength, playfulness, love, wisdom, honesty, peace, brightness, care, creativity, and kindness.”

What an incredible message. How we bring up our children directly relates to how they will be as adults. It’s up to us to teach our children alchemy. To ‘turn lead emotions of fear and hate into gold emotions of love and gratitude’. One of my favorite lines in the book is, “I am love as a dove, I AM!”.

We highly recommend this lovely children's book! Kids love it and so will you! A huge thank you to Bassnectar for creating curated events for like-minded individuals. And a huge shout out and thank you to Jenny Fickes for creating and spreading such a bright and impactful message. Thank you for sharing your life’s purpose and passion. It has left a beautiful mark on me and I hope to spread it with others!

Any other wonderful children’s book recommendations?! Please share with us so that we may share with our children and create a bright future for all!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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