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What a Naturopath Eats in a Day - Cassandra's Daily Meals

We're grateful for Cassandra for sharing her thoughts on nutrition and what she loves to nourish her body with! Food is such a personal journey, so this post is for educational purposes only. Every person does well with different types of meals, amounts of proteins and general macronutrients. Consult your doctor or book a session with Cassandra to determine what food approach is ideal for you.

Funny enough, this has been one of the most requested blogs that we've had in a while! So, I'm going to walk you through an average day of my diet, what feels good in my body and why I eat the way that I do.

While there's more access to information than ever before, I also find that people feel more confused about health and nutrition than ever before. Some tout keto as the next big thing. Others claim you need to track macros. Some will say going vegan is the ONLY option out there. Others will say that counting calories is the approach we all need to take.

These kinds of claims and health advice truly annoy me. There, I said.


Because everyone's body is different.

While someone may thrive going vegan, someone else will fall into an anemic state and struggle. (Yes, even if they do vegan "correctly")

Some people will thrive on the keto diet while others will gain weight and feel tired.

Every person is different, and so as I share this with all of you, know that this is what personally works best FOR ME. Please see this as an educational piece to see what I do to prioritize my health.

A Day of Meals as a Naturopath


Breakfast is usually my largest meal. I generally will stop eating after 7 or 8PM at night and then fast until 10AM or so. This isn't necessary intentional and I'm not advocating for Intermittent Fasting, but rather it's just what feels good! I like to take a couple hours in the morning before eating. Here's my favorite breakfast below:

Sauteed veggies with wild Alaskan salmon or grass-fed beef

I saute organic onion, broccoli, zucchini and bell pepper in coconut oil and season with Celtic salt. Then, I add salmon or ground beef. I will usually eat this with some Siete hot sauce. I may also add half an avocado or 2 Siete cassava tortillas.


Lunch is usually pretty late in the afternoon for me, so I keep it really simple.

Sauted veggies in coconut oil or butter. I may add some Siete cassava tortilla chips if I want or make some quinoa or rice.


For dinner, I like a big salad, some protein and some carbs. Here's a delicious one I've been making a lot lately!

Tahini Avocado Salad with Kraut

I take 4 or 5 cups of organic greens, top with sauerkraut, one whole avocado and 1 tbsp of tahini. I mix well and add salt. Sometimes I'll add in some bell pepper or tomato as well. This is seriously the most delicious thing ever to me! Lots of amazing healthy fats and probiotics! I may also add in a side of sweet potato, turkey or ground beef if I didn't have any for breakfast.


My general go-to snacks are as followed:

-Zora vegetable snacks

-Venison strips

-Sliced avocado on quinoa crackers

-2 pieces of dark chocolate

-Matcha latte


I exercise daily - it's just something that I love! Three times a week I'll usually do a 30 minute workout from BBG. I will do a 60-90 minute hike 4 or 5 days a week too, and I've recently become obsessed with Spin classes. So I may go to 1 or 2 spin classes a week. I usually practice yoga at home only and focus on restorative / yin yoga to help me stretch out tight muscles.

There you have it! This is what fuels me to have a clear mind, lots of energy and an abundance of inspiration! What's your diet like? Tell me below!

And if you want help creating your ideal meal plan, set up a Naturopathic Consultation with me here!

With gratitude, Cassandra Wilder



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