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  • Sarah Del Rey

Creating a Releasing and Forgiving Ceremony

It’s healthy to release things. To let go of what no longer serves you. This can be people, places, objects, thoughts, habits, anything that is physically, mentally, and or emotionally weighing you down. Releasing means forgiving. And to forgive means to release.

Today, we will learn how to perform a release and forgiveness ceremony. These can be done anytime, but are especially good to practice during the new moon phase. During the new moon phase, it is crucial to release and forgive and the heightened energy from the new moon allows for a powerful and effective outcome.

It’s important to set your environment before performing any kind of ceremony. This can involve smudging the area and more. Read more about how to create a healing space here.

Once you feel your space is set, you can begin by getting comfortable and closing your eyes. For about 10 minutes, mentally forgive anyone you may have ill feelings toward for whatever reason. If you’ve become impatient with others and have acted poorly or negatively toward them, ask them for forgiveness. And finally, send these people good energy and loving thoughts. This may seem strange, but trust in the process!

The Ho'oponono meditation can also be a powerful addition to this practice.

Next, you will want to take some deep cleansing breaths. Give yourself a moment to release and let any worries go.

When you are ready, begin to reflect on anything that has been upsetting you. This can include thoughts or habits. Write it all down on a piece of paper. Remember, it can be more than one thing. You want to express it as much as you can. Get it off your heart and down on the paper.

After that, take a moment to take a deep cleansing breath and release.

Now, you want to reflect on anyone who has upset you. There is no time limit on this. Sometimes, we have childhood traumas that affect our adult lives. This can happen because we did not forgive them. So this act is a vital part of the releasing process. It may bring up some hard feelings, but that's okay, you want to release them, stay strong!

After that, take a moment to take a deep cleansing breath and release.

You’ve come this far and have done such an amazing job! Keep going!

The last part of this ceremony involves visualization. You want to begin by visualizing each person you wrote on that piece of paper. One by one, picture that person surrounded by green or pink light (which is the color of the heart chakra). See that person smiling at you and sending you love, look at them and say, “I forgive you”. And see that person turn into the green or pink light and leave your view.

After that, take a moment to take a deep cleansing breath and release.

At this point, it’s beneficial to chant aloud. You can recite positive affirmation or positive mantras. Or you can simply say something like, “I forgive everything and everyone. I forgive myself. I bring love and healing to all my thoughts, beliefs, and relationships. I learn lessons and move on. I send love to myself and everyone I know, and everyone who knows me, in all directions of time. My life is healed. And so it is. So be it.”

Finally, you want to take your piece of paper and safely burn it. This is the physical release of your mental and emotional release. With this ceremony, you are releasing these energies and transmuting them into love.

This ceremony is a sacred practice. Feel free to customize it and tailor it to your specific situation. The most important thing is that you get what you need to out of the ceremony. So do what is right and feels right for you! Please reach out with any questions or tips! Don’t forget, we must release to make space for other things. It is worth it, give it a try!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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