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Full Moon in Aquarius August 2019 - Embodying Pleasure

Happy Full Moon, sister! We're honored to have Astrologer Katya Weiss-Andersson here on the GoddessCeremony Team sharing her astrology insights for this Full Moon in Aquarius!

We’re in the midst of an exciting, expansive week astrologically. On August 15th, the moon expands into the Full Moon time. Leo season is out here being its fabulous self and showering us with its regal, brave, sometimes-dramatic, sometimes-attention-seeking boldness, and in comes our Full Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius energy is unique, rebellious, smart, humanitarian and justice-oriented, but a little detached. Aquarius energy can’t carry too much emotional weight at once, which means that after July’s big eclipse season, we now reach the point in our processing where we can let some things go. Maybe that’s agonizing shame about the size/shape of your body, maybe it’s ferocious anxiety about being too much or not enough, maybe it’s old grief over not having the approval of certain people in your life. The air sign of Aquarius paired with the fire sign of Leo invites you to engage in whatever healthy catharsis that will leave you feeling lighter.

This full moon also has a lot to do with how you show yourself to the world. While the new moon two weeks ago beckoned us to explore our own authenticity more deeply, we now get to shine that new authenticity outward. Aquarius is big weirdo energy. Aquarius energy plus Leo energy is the ultimate combo of being unafraid to walk through the world as your most real self, even if that means pushing against norms or expectations. Mercury and Mars are in Leo as well, lending us the primal strength to be confident and the courage to communicate the truths of who we are. The shadow of Mercury retrograde has finally cleared; we get to be straight-shooters with these truths.

Today (Wednesday) is a particularly auspicious day with Venus conjunct the Sun, beginning a new eight-year cycle in the realm of love, pleasure and connection. While you’re out here doing the big work of being your boldest, wildest, weirdest self, it’s also time to focus on the little details that bring you joy. This is an important time to choose to bring bits of sweetness into your daily life with wherever possible.

Here’s the kicker: Thursday’s full moon is directly across from this Venus/Sun conjunct in the sky. So while the moon, which represents our emotional selves, has just moved from stoic Capricorn to aloof Aquarius, we are still being asked to keep our hearts open. This may not feel like your natural inclination right now- last month was so emotionally exhausting and now we’re getting to coast on fun and fabulousness- but even while we let go of old emotional weight, the tenderness needs to stay.

After being in retrograde since April, Jupiter is now stationed direct. As a review, Jupiter is all about what brings us expansion and good fortune. We’ve been tasked over the last several months with re-evaluating our purpose, our life’s work, our karmic paths, etc. If you’ve been feeling lost or frustrated in figuring this all out, don’t be surprised if much of that struggle clears up on its own now. We’re being given the go-ahead to go full steam ahead on life goals, missions and long-term projects that light us up with purpose and feel aligned with who we are. Mars moving into Virgo on Sunday will help us harness some practicality and momentum.

This week’s astrology is delightful, and just about as eclectic and nuanced as Aquarius energy itself (as an Aquarius, I’m here for this.) Tune into your right balance of tender open-heartedness, brash authenticity, romantic self-care and purposeful work.

-Here's three ways to celebrate this Full Moon-

-At least once, leave the house dressed in a way that is 110% expressive of who you are, and notice how it makes you feel

-For each day this week, find at least one little choice that brings you pleasure and sweetness. Buy yourself an ice cream cone, have a phone date with a friend who makes you feel loved, paint a picture or even just look out the window a little longer

-Identify a big passion project you’ve taken hiatus from or haven’t started yet, and take the first step in (re)starting it. Make sure it’s a piece of work that lights you up and is in some way an expression of who you are

Soak up pleasure over the coming days and remember the impact you are here to create!

With gratitude,

Katya Weiss-Andersson -GoddessCeremony Astrologer-

About the Astrologer~

Katya Weiss-Andersson offers resources for holistic wellness through multiple modalities. As a plant-based chef, she caters retreats and events across the United States. As a RYT-200 yoga teacher and kirtan artist, she teaches yoga asana and

Bhakti music. She works with astrology, plants, movement, sound and intersectional queer theory as tools for healing on the individual and community level. Her writing on food and wellness has been published on GoddessCeremony, Greatist and others and her website is katyaweissandersson.com. She is the proud mom of one plant and one queer kickball league in Durham, NC.


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