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  • Sarah Del Rey

Be Here Now

“Be Here Now” is one of my all-time favorite quotes. It’s also the title of one of my favorite books by Ram Dass.

The quote “be here now” reminds me to pull myself into the present moment and don’t let the past or future preoccupy my mind. I am reminded to be in the present moment. The now is all we have. The past is behind us and the future ahead of us. There is nothing for us to do but be whole and present in the current moment.

How we act in the present moment gives way to how we perceive our past and our future. But none of that matters. All that matters is the now.

Dis-ease such as depression and anxiety can be a direct cause of not being in the present moment. Being depressed can be caused by observing and dwelling in the past. While anxiety can be caused by overthinking or creating expectations for the unknown future.

Neither of those things is in our control.

The only thing that we can control is the present moment, the now.

“Be Here Now”

It’s so easy to let our minds wander. Sometimes, we feel we can't even control it. But bringing yourself fully into the present is one of the strongest ways to combat this. Become aware of yourself and everything around you.

It’s not always easy, so we’ve thought of a few ways to help bring yourself into the now:

~Take deep breaths

~Count out loud

~Rub your hands together

~Sip some tea

~Move your body

The point is to become aware of what you are doing. Focus your energy and attention into something to make you conscious of yourself and your surroundings. Utilize any or all of your senses. Do whatever you need to do to be aware and into the now.

Why be here in the now? Because now is what you can control. The now is peaceful. You get to create in the now. You are calm and there is clarity. You are present in this moment!

We hope you find time to be here now more often! Even printing out the quote and hanging it somewhere can be helpful! Meditation and yoga are also great ways to be in now. Make sure to be aware and conscious. Don’t let your mind control you, you control your mind! We are always here to support you and remind you to be here now, so reach out whenever!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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