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Live Monthly Gatherings and Online Sisterhood for Women

Women all over the world are craving a sacred space to gather and remember sisterhood. While women's circles have popped up in many communities, not all women have access to a regular women's gathering or a group of like-minded women.

For years, we heard women say the same thing at retreats with us and via email: what do we do if there's no local options for us to sit in a sacred circle, connect with the moon phases and heal?

In June of 2019, we launched an offering that we knew would support women all over the world and it's been such a blessing to hold space for women in this way!

We launched... the GoddessCeremony Membership!

This powerful offering allows women to gather together, cultivate sisterhood, create meaningly connections, gather for monthly moon ceremonies and enjoy so many exclusive gifts and tools each month!

In the GoddessCeremony Membership, women receive ~

-FREE monthly moon gatherings where we sit in a sacred circle and connect in sisterhood! These gatherings are held with every New Moon and Full Moon online via Zoom. These circles are interactive and allow women to connect together in a sacred space. The moon gatherings also discuss what is going on astrologically, how to harness the wisdom of the moon phases and provides self care tools and offerings with each ceremony!

-a POWERFUL space for women to connect in an exclusive Facebook group just for members! This allows women to connect, share and be heard in a supportive and sacred environment.

-an EXCLUSIVE podcast each month just for members! While we have our regular podcast for all listeners to enjoy, members will have access to one exclusive podcast each month!

-AMAZING monthly recipes to support you in balancing your hormones and reconnecting to your body through nourishing foods.

-HEALING monthly prompts, quotes, rituals and opportunities to understand yourself at a greater level and cultivate healing!


The GoddessCeremony Membership is open to women anywhere in the world because we believe that all women deserve to feel safe, supported and loved.

NOW is the time to join us! Click here to join the sisterhood!

With gratitude,


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