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  • Sarah Del Rey

I Am Me, We Are One

I am me, we are you ~

We are apart of this entire being called life, the universe, and evolution. All that has been and ever will be lies within us.

Matter can not be created nor destroyed. Therefore, consciousness can not be created nor destroyed.

Consciousness is everything that ever was and ever will be. It is affected and integrated into us.

There is only an illusion of separateness. You have the power and natural ability to create absolutely anything!

At the core of your being, you are a creator! You can speak to feel and connect with every level of yourself and every level of existence.

This is a result of increasing our awareness by designing time to meditate and work with our natural intuitive nature. Taking these steps is what helps us to combat illusions and take control of our journeys.

Our intuition is really just another sense just like how we see, smell, and feel.

We need to remember that we are nature. We are just as interconnected and apart of this planet as the trees, air, and rivers.

We are apart of the oneness, the ecosystem.

We come into this world blinded by illusion and unaware of our own true power.

Often, we feel disconnected and confused by the separation of ourselves from our home and our power.

The world we live in today does not necessarily support an individual’s well-being, growth, or happiness.

We are here to say, do not let the world bring you down! Listen to yourself, you are what is true, the world is not.

Consciousness is making the choice to act upon your awakening to make everyday choices that reflect the power of your inner self.

Intuition is when you have a good feeling and it begins to feel so good that it vibrates so pure within you. And once you truly unveil and understand the truth, you will find yourself seeking more, harnessing and using the information and gifts you have received throughout this journey!

Awakening your consciousness is a great asset and beautiful addition to work with every day!

The more in tune you become the more you can understand, know, and see for yourself! The world and yourself will transform as you work with this energy. Remember, take time to meditate, connect to your intuition, and awaken to your consciousness, this will help you see the truth and unveil illusions. One love!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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