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GoddessCeremony Podcast Hits 10,000 Downloads!

We are beyond excited to share that our podcast has hit a new level of recognition in the world! The GoddessCeremony Podcast has officially been downloaded over 10,000 times by women from across the world seeking a supportive and healing space to connect.

We are in awe of the many incredible women who have tuned in, left us reviews on iTunes and found inspiration within this sacred podcast. This milestone is so meaningful to us and reminds us that this message needs to be shared and that women are hungry to learn and understand themselves at a greater level.

We truly want to THANK YOU for supporting us along this journey. Whether you've listened once or to every single episode, you are so appreciated!

We are manifesting (and projected to reach!) 100,000 downloads by the end of 2019, so we are asking you to help us reach this massive goal! Please share the podcast with women in your life. Please leave us a review on iTunes if you have not already. Please share the podcast on your Instagram or Facebook and share what you've learned from the podcast. All of these small acts help us reach more women and create more of an impact.

If you have a podcast request, please email us at podcast@goddessceremony.com or if you know of a podcast that wants to have Cassandra on as a guest, please reach out to us for more information!

And because so many of you have asked, here are a few of the most popular podcasts to date ~

1. The Wisdom of Crystals with Hailey Meadow

We LOVED recording this podcast because Meadow is my best friend and soul sister. We discussed crystals, frequency, the science of crystal therapy and practical information for all women.

2. 4 Powerful Tips to Make Your Passions a Business

We received dozens of requests to discuss business and how to create a business that is full of passion and purpose. We shared our four top tips and received so much positive feedback from entrepreneurs around the world.

3. The Wisdom of the Cervix

We received so much feedback on this podcast as women raved about how much they learned about themselves and their bodies. We discussed the cervix and how to support this powerful, healing space and why the cervix is so significant in our overall healing.

4. The Moon and Woman: How Women Cycle With the Moon Phases

This podcast is a must-listen-to for any woman wanting to understand her cycles and natural shifts throughout the month. Informative and full of wisdom about the feminine and lunar phases, this podcast has been downloaded hundreds of times!

5. Corporate Woman to Wild Goddess: Cassandra's Story

This vulnerable and heart-filled podcast quickly rose to the top of the downloads list. We are so grateful for all of you who want to understand who Cassandra is and how she went from loss to empowerment.

Truly, THANK YOU. We are so grateful to have you in our community and cannot wait to see what's next for the GoddessCeremony Podcast!

With love,

Cassandra Wilder

+ the GoddessCeremony Team

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