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Medicinal Herbal Tinctures Review

"Plants are ancient tools of both health care and self-care that empower us to listen to our bodies and learn how to thrive from the inside out.” This was said by one of my favorite herbalists. Her name is Organic Olivia and I started following her health journey on Instagram a couple of years ago.

She is an herbalist with a dream and mission to help others by sharing her knowledge of how to heal by way of plant medicine and nutrients.

She has a line of herbal tinctures, as well as a line of supplements. Personally, I’ve only used a few of the herbal tinctures and I’m happy to report they are positively life-changing.

The three herbal tinctures that I’ve used are the Brain Juice, the Liver Juice, and the Mood Juice.

~ Brain Juice

This formula stood out to me because I’m always looking for a healthy way to stay focused throughout the day instead of drinking endless cups of coffee.

This tincture was “designed to invigorate the mind and support memory, focus, and concentration.” Also to help combat brain fog and aid blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

I really feel a difference in my mental clarity and physical energy. I take a full dropper of the tincture every morning and feel sharp and ready to go. I don’t even need a cup of coffee or tea. It’s the perfect pick me up without any jitters or anxieties. You can take the formula up to 2-3x per day. I usually take it at least twice a day!

The formula itself has a very potent unique taste due to the medicinal herbs. The super-herbs used in her blend include,

~Fresh Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

~Gotu Kola


~Red Ginseng (Asian)

~ Live Juice

This formula caught my eye for a number of reasons. I read the reviews and so many people claimed it helped clear up their skin. It also stated how it helped with detoxification, which I never really took my own steps toward. So I thought this formula had many things to offer and decided to give it a try!

This tincture was “designed to optimize liver function and support detoxification pathways that can be used as a cleanse or daily detox and hormone support.”

After taking this formula for a few months, I can say it has helped clear my skin of acne and has evened out my skin tone. I also feel it helps during my menstrual cycle in regards to cramps and is supporting a healthy hormone balance. I feel rest assured that my body is detoxing properly and I won’t feel sluggish or overburdened. You can take this formula up to 2-3x per day. I usually take it three times a day to get the most benefit from it!

I personally enjoy the taste of this tincture a lot! The super-herbs used in her blend include,

~Oregon Grape Root

~Milk Thistle Seed

~Burdock Root

~Dandelion Root

~Fresh Turmeric Root

~Bupleurum Root

~Beet Root

~Red Root

~ Mood Juice

This formula stood out to me as a way to pick me up when feeling down. We all have those days, and I thought this was a very unique way to combat those low feelings and “bring sunshine to the dark days.”

This tincture was “designed to boost one’s mood and mindset while simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety.”

After taking this formula for a few months, I can say it has helped support a balanced mood with a positive outlook, as well as support my nervous system. I feel it really does promote a healthy emotional balance and keeps me calm. At most times I’m feeling less stressed, happy, and energized thanks to the Mood Juice! You can take this formula up to 2-3x per day as needed. I usually start by taking it three times per day for a few weeks, then cut back to taking it two times per day. Because I’ve been taking regularly I can feel a deeper mood-boosting effect and stable positive outlook.

The formula itself has a refined unique taste. The super-herbs used in her blend include,

~St. John’s Wort

~Holy Basil

~Lemon Balm


~Kava Root


These medicinal herbal tinctures are seriously life changing! I love taking all of these formulas, and especially feel that the Brain and Mood Juice work wonderfully together! The tinctures themselves last for over a month, depending on how often you take it. I highly recommend taking the suggested dose of 2-3x per day and staying consistent with it! You will feel and notice a huge difference! The tinctures are reasonably priced at about $25 per bottle.

Here are the other tinctures she offers that I have yet to try but look forward to experimenting with in the future!

~Mane Magic: For stronger healthier hair

~Flow Balance: For hormone health and PMS symptom relief

~Natal Nourish: For womb nourishment and healthy support of fertility and pregnancy

~Allergy Defense Tonic: To prevent and strength resistance to pollen and allergy symptoms

~Aloe & Echinacea Soothe Your Throat Spray: For irritated throats

~Digestive Juice: To improve digestion and increase nutrient absorption

~Sleep Juice: To help you sleep and stay asleep

~Peace Juice: For quick anxiety relief

Let us know if you've tried any of Organic Olivia's Medicinal Herb Tinctures! Or if you take any of the super herbs listed above!

Much love & light

Sarah Del Rey

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