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  • Sarah Del Rey

Creating Healing Crystal Grids

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

“Not only are crystal grids an extension of you, but they are also an extension of the purest, most beautiful part of you, your soul”.

Crystal grids are when you intentionally place your crystals in a specific pattern in order to utilize its energy to its fullest potential.

Not only is it a beautiful display of crystals, but a true representation of your soul at work.

To create a crystal grids means to set intentions. You are creating this grid with a purpose. No matter what the purpose may be, this grid allows for the flow of energy toward that object, person, or other crystal.

You can set crystal grid intentions to reflect any aspect that you are trying to enhance. For example, if you are trying to enhance your well-being, you can choose crystals that help with that and place them accordingly. In this example, someone could choose crystals such as fluorite, sodalite, aventurine, and clear quartz points. While someone else making the same crystal grid for well-being may choose, amethyst, lapiz, rose quartz, and clear quartz points.

Crystal grids are unique and limitless. But before creating crystal grids, you want to be clear on your intentions. It can help to meditate on what you wish to get out of it. This is a very personal act, so do what feels right and calls out to you!

Something that every crystal grid should have is clear quartz points. These are essential because clear quartz points focus energy on a concentrated point.

Clear quartz points can be single or double terminated.

Single terminated clear quartz crystals are six-sided with a flat bottom and point at the top. This helps focus on the best path to travel in breaking old habits or establishing new ones.

Double terminated clear quartz crystals a special occurrence in nature. They can draw energy as well as direct it. The center of the crystal works like a neutralizing chamber. One of the points draws negative energy inside, where it is transformed and purified. The energy then passed out of the crystal through both points. It shows us that the most efficient energy comes from our own center.

Make crystal grids for love, abundance, creativity, sleep, and anything else you can think of! And as always, set a healing space before beginning this sacred practice. And make sure that before placing the crystals you take a moment to hold them and really connect. We recommend keeping the crystal grid in place for a minimum of 30 days. It's beneficial to visit the grid daily and recall the intentions.

Tell us about your crystals grids!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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