• Cassandra Wilder

5 of the Most Magical Hot Springs in North America You Must Visit

If you know me personally, then you know I’m all about finding magical spots around the world. Often on long road trips, my goal becomes finding unique hot springs, waterfalls and swimming holes. Hot springs especially are my favorite things to seek out. These 5 have been some of my favorite hot springs that I’ve ever found across North America, so if you’re looking for new recommendations for upcoming trips, this list is for you!

-5 of the Most Magical Hot Springs in North America-

-Sierraville Hot Springs - California

This hot spring resort is absolutely stunning. Tucked into the wilderness and absolutely serene, this space is one of my favorites. It features multiple pools as well as a cold plunge pool. There’s a large swimming pool that is the perfect temperature for general lounging, a warm pool in the middle of nature and a round pool in a gorgeous structure that is a silent space to reflect and tune in. They have a variety of camping options as well as rustic lodging. If you’re wanting to really get away from the hustle and bustle of life, this clothing-optional resort is a must!

-Harbin Hot Springs - California

Another favorite of mine, Harbin Hot Springs is truly one of a kind. A few years ago, the massive wild fire in California destroyed this incredible resort, so over the last few years they’ve slowly been rebuilding it. This resort is unique in that they have over 5 different tubs of all different temperatures as well as a cold plunge tub. The feel of this space is very communal and many of the employees live on site at this pristine location. If you’re wanting to go somewhere with friends and enjoy a communal weekend, this space is perfect for you!

-Liard Hot Springs - British Columbia, Canada

While this hot spring is literally in the middle of nowhere in British Columbia, it’s one of my favorites. Located right on the Alcan (also known as the Alaska-Canada Highway - the one long road that runs from Dawson Creek, Canada to Alaska) this hot spring sure breaks up a really long drive. After parking in the parking lot, you walk about a quarter mile through the woods to get to the rustic but very magical springs. The springs are very natural - almost like a large pond - with changing rooms alongside it. I love this hot spring because it allows you to connect with travelers from all over the world driving the incredible Alcan (in my opinion, the most beautiful drive in the world!).

-Bagby Hot Springs - Oregon

Not far from Portland, Bagby Hot Springs is truly magical. The hike itself to the springs is breathtaking and when you arrive to the springs, you’ll find various rustic bath houses across the mountainside. Each bath house has one clawfoot tub with the spring water rushing into it. This spring is very rustic and likely you’ll need to wait before a bathhouse will open up for you. The beauty of the nature and ability to have some privacy while soaking up this healing spring water is what truly sets it apart from the rest.

-Diamond Fork Hot Springs - Utah

This hot spring is slowly gaining popularity, but if you go during the day mid-week, you’ll likely be one of the only people there! Located up Spanish Fork Canyon, this gorgeous hot spring is only an hour from Salt Lake City. After parking in the lot, there’s a couple mile hike up through the mountains to get to this spring. This spring is unique because it runs like a river down the mountainside, creating various small, natural ponds within the river. You can also go closer to the mouth of the spring to enjoy hotter water or go down a little ways and enjoy water that has cooled slightly. It’s an easy hike and definitely my favorite hot spring in all of Utah!

Do you also love hot springs? What ones are your favorite? Comment below and let us know!