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  • Sarah Del Rey

What is an Aura? Bio-Energy Fields Explained

What exactly is an aura? Scientifically speaking, an aura is our bio-energy field.

A bioenergy field is described as a measurable and photographic electromagnetic field with several subtle energy components that expand uniquely around each person.

To understand auras or bio-energy fields, we need to understand what prana is.

Prana, “ in Sanskrit, means “primary energy,” sometimes translated as ‘breath’ or ‘vital force’, though it is actually something more. Prana is not only the basic life-force, but it is also the original creative power. It is the master form of all energy working at every level of our being.”

Prana is the subtle energy of life that is generated by our input and production.

There are many variables to an individual's bio-energy field. Some of these variables include,

~ Mental and emotional state

~Connection to the spirit and this planet

~ Health

~ Development of unique intuitive gifts

The larger the bio-energy field someone has, the more energy an individual is interconnected with and putting out and taking in.

This is often the problem with empathic and intuitive people as almost everyone holds undealt with trauma and emotional attachments in subtle energy forms, in their bio-energy field. An empath may be able to pick up on those energies.

Learning to feel and control subtle energy can help you regulate the energy you are interacting with.

By working on your awareness of your chakras (energy centers throughout

the body), you are more capable of being able to recognize and distinguish low and high frequencies. You are then able to exercise your ability to control the size of your bio-energy field, meaning you can protect your own vital energies and also amplify your own bio-energy field.

The optimal size of the bio-energy field should expand no more than one’s own arm length in all directions around the body, including below the feet or 6 feet max in all directions.

Some other methods we’ve learned in cleansing our aura to keep it at optimal size include ~

~ Breathing/ breathwork

~Take a walk or exercise

~ Smudge your aura and area

~ Sound healing

~ Grounding/carry a piece of Black Tourmaline

~ Take a salt bath

~ Use a piece of Selenite to "comb" through your aura and clear energy and image your energy field filled with white light

Our bio-energy fields are sacred and unique to us. It's our job to understand and protect and cleanse them. Listen to your mind, body, and spirit. Recognize and distinguish certain subtle energies and use your power do what's best for you. What methods do you take in keeping your aura cleansed and protected? What lessons have you learned along the way?

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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