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5 Must-Haves for a Flight

If you travel a lot like me, you likely have a system down to your packing. Because I fly all over the world leading retreats and events, I’ve created a list of my favorite things to pack for flights. These things are my must-haves and make a huge difference in my comfort and groundedness on the flight. So, here are my 5 favorite items!

-5 Must-Haves for a Flight-

-Comfortable Clothes and Layers

Few things are worse than being super uncomfortable on the plane. I like to wear flexible jeans or yoga leggings, a tank, a sweatshirt or jacket and a scarf so that I have options if the plane is warm or freezing cold. Tennis shoes are also my go-to.

-Herbal Tea

I obviously skip the sodas, snacks and drinks on the plane, so instead I like to bring my own goodies. A stress relieving kava tea is one of my favorites - just ask the flight attendants for hot water and you’ll have your own nourishing drink that will help lower cortisol levels and maybe even help you sleep.

I also like ginger tea and chamomile if I’m needing something more relaxing / warming.

-Rose Hips

I like to keep my immune system strong, especially when I’m at the airport or on the plane with thousands of people. Rose hips are a natural herbal supplement that contain a huge amount of Vitamin C. This is an easy way to keep your immune system strong and active and is a FAR better option than flavored vitamin c powders that you can put in your water.

-Essential Oils

Similar to the note on rose hips, I like to utilize essential oils to keep my immune system strong. I love Ameo’s Proshield essential oil. A drop of this on my feet helps keep my immune system strong. I also love spruce or cypress essential oil if I’m feeling nervous or ungrounded. A lavender oil roll-on is also amazing for long flights and tense shoulders.

-Empowering information

I love to bring a good book or have a podcast or audiobook downloaded so I can utilize my time on the plane wisely. Sometimes it’s fun to watch a movie or TV show on the plane, but I find I feel more empowered and grounded if I focus on information that is actually empowering and informative.

What things are your non-negotiables for flights? What items do you love to bring? Comment below and let us know!

With gratitude, Cassandra Wilder


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