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How to Create a Healing Space at Home

Creating a healing space will not only enhance your physical space but enhance how you mentally feel.

A healing space can be simple or complex. It’s really a personal preference. Some like to be surrounded by meaningful items, art, candles, etc. While others prefer a simple meditation pillow accompanied by a plant.

Adding special belongings that resonate with your healing can be a vital part of creating a healing space. Some items may include, crystals, singing bowls, flowers, herbs, essential oils, incense, and anything that brings positive energy and supports your space. Read more about how to create a sacred altar space here.

As long as your space is quiet and comfortable for you, it doesn’t matter if it's simple or complex! What matters is being able to journey into ourselves as a result of the healing space.

First, you want to smudge or clear the space of any stagnant or possibly negative energy. Great tools for this include, Palo Santo, Sage, and Sweetgrass. You can use these tools to smudge/clear your space, as well as yourself!

When you light your smudge, it’s powerful to actually believe that the stagnant/negative energy is being cleared. Your intention is your greatest gift in energy work and spiritual practices. You are the driving force!

We recommend fanning the smudge smoke in all corners of the space. However, you do want to go around the windows and doors. It’s significant to avoid sealing those areas because you want to allow energy to flow in and out to prevent energy from becoming stagnant.

We also know that you can place salt under the doors and windows to help purify the energy flow in and out. And that is because, “spiritually speaking, salt is considered the great neutralizer. It can help cleanse, heal and balance energy while repelling negative vibrations. Rock salt helps in clearing up this residue to a great deal. Besides acting as a potent purifier, rock salt can also help you attract positive energies.”

Finally, you can place crystals into a grid formation. When you place crystals into a grid, you are intentionally creating a pattern of purpose. Crystals pointing toward an object, person, or another crystal help increase the energy flow, while crystals pointing away from an object, person, or another crystal helps release energy flow.

Creating a healing space makes all the difference when you go to meditate, connect with your intuition, or set intentions. Making sure the energy in the space and your own energy is cleared and ready to flow and attract is key. Remember, you are the driving force and you have the power to create what you need. Take time to listen to what you need and you will heal in a safe and sacred space.

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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