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3 Great Alternatives to Coffee in the Morning

If you follow me on Instagram, then you likely remember me sharing that in February, I officially cut out coffee. In the last year I had become pretty addicted to coffee and while I was purchasing high quality organic coffee and making it in my french press, I innately knew that it was not serving my body.

So I chose to remove coffee from my diet. One of the biggest struggles I had after removing coffee was craving something warm and comforting first thing in the morning. While coffee had been my crutch for a time, I now had to find new alternatives to support one of my favorite morning routines - simply sitting on my porch sipping a warm drink.

Since February I’ve found a number of wonderful alternatives to coffee, and i’m excited to share them with all of you! If you’re looking to quit coffee or simply mix it up sometimes, these suggestions are for you.

3 Great Alternatives to Coffee in the Morning

1) Matcha Latte

This is my personal favorite option! Green tea matcha lattes are a wonderful addition to any morning routine. Matcha does contain a small amount of caffeine so it will still help wake you up, but also provide you with a more consistent boost of energy throughout the day (unlike coffee, which tends to spike your energy and then drop off pretty abruptly). The taste can be a bit green, but with the right milk, it’s amazing!

You can see my favorite matcha latte recipe here to see my milk recommendations, hear my opinion on sweeteners and also see the brand of matcha I recommend. Not all brands are created equal!

2) Dandy Blend

I found Dandy Blend years ago when I lived in Michigan, and have recently fallen in love with it all over again. Occasionally I will miss the taste of coffee, and so this is a life saver. Dandy blend is a mix of herbs like chicory root that tastes remarkably like coffee. All natural and full of healing herbs, this is delicious heated with milk or as an iced latte-like drink.

I love mixing the Dandy Blend with organic coconut milk and ice and sipping it in the afternoon. If you specifically miss the taste of coffee, give this a try!

3) Herbal Tea

If you dislike herbal tea, likely you just haven’t tried the right kinds! With so many options out there for herbal teas, it can be overwhelming to pick out a good one. In the mornings, I love a green tea or red raspberry leaf to start my day off with lots of minerals. In the evenings, I enjoy a kava tea or sleepy time tea with herbs like chamomile and lavender.

Are you planning on implementing one of these new coffee alternatives? Comment below and let us know!

You can also book your 1:1 Naturopathic Consultation with Cassandra here. She specializes in women’s health, fertility and cycle balancing.

With gratitude, Cassandra Wilder

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