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  • Sarah Del Rey

Creating a Sacred Bath Time Ritual

Bath time can be more than just a relaxing way to end the day, it can be a magical, meaningful, and fun self-care experience. There are so many ways to enhance a bath and turn it into a sacred ritual! With self-care being such a vital part of everyone's lives, why not incorporate other sacred self-care rituals like herbs, tea bags, flowers, bath salts, and crystals!

Sacred bath time rituals start with you and whatever you are looking to get out of it! It can be a healing meditative space that has the power to cleanse and recharge you both inside and out. It can be an escape to flow easy, soak in the healing vibration and smooth over a busy mind and overworked body. The reasons are endless and the possibilities limitless! It’s a fun personal act of self-care that starts with listening to what you need.

Some of our favorite sacred bath time rituals include incorporating herbs, tea bags, flowers, bath salts, and crystals. Each item offers a different self-care/healing benefit and it’s great to be able to experiment with different combinations and customize your sacred ritual based on what you want and need.

Water itself is powerful and holds vibrations. When our bathtub is filled with water and we speak intentions into it, those intentions are being heard and held. When we add in herbs and crystals, their vibrations are enhancing the water, in turn enhancing you! It’s a beautiful thing!

Adding herbs to your bath can be very therapeutic and is a great form of aromatherapy. Different herbs offer different benefits, so it’s all about listening to what your mind, body, and soul need! Some wonderful classic herbs to add include Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage. Adding tea bags is also similar to adding fresh herbs! Some powerful classic tea bags to add include: Green Tea and Chamomile. These rituals offer detoxification, pain relief, calming, relaxation, and skin rejuvenation.

Adding fresh flowers to a bath not only makes it look beautifully inviting, but also offers sacred healing power. Flowers hold gentle loving vibrations and those transfer right into the water and space. Rose’s are our favorite flowers to add to a bath for so many reasons! Utilizing fresh organic Rose petals is key. The petals begin and continue to steep into the water and are known as “a powerful mood enhancer that helps rid feelings of anxiety.” The Rose petals also help your body to detox, nourish and refresh the skin, and relax the mind and body. And your basically soaking in a bath of Rosewater and toning your skin all over, so incredible!

Bath salts are water-soluble minerals that enhance and elevate any bath to the next level! “Bath salts have been developed which mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs.” Some Bath salts we like to include are Coarse Sea Salt and Epsom salt. Coarse Sea salt is great for absorbing oils, while Epsom salt is great to help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. Learn how to make your own sacred bath salts here.

Adding crystals to a bath can bring joy and healing vibrations. Our favorite crystals to add to a bath include Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz. These crystals are fine to add into the water, but some crystals aren’t suitable, such as Selenite (which would dissolve). Amethyst is the “Master Healer” stone and offers many gentle yet powerful healing properties. Rose Quartz adds loving vibrations to the water and helps to heal the heart and promote self-love. Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier, so if you’re setting intentions, Clear Quartz is a wonderful aid. You can see our favorite crystals to include in ritual here.

Creating sacred bath time rituals is more than making a dreamy space to post on Instagram! It’s a thoughtful act of self-care and self-love. It’s taking time to listen to your body and take action. It’s taking time for yourself, which is so important. Find the best ways to benefit from your bath and inspire others!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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