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  • Sarah Del Rey

Beauty Cabinet Must-Haves ~ Skin Saver Edition

Although we all have different skin types, there are some great natural products out there that are total skin savers and work wonders on all skin types!

All of these products can be used year round so they are great to keep on hand! You will have to test them out to know what works best for your skin type. People with sensitive skin may not be able to handle certain products and that’s okay! Usually, you can find a gentler alternative that works the same and doesn’t irritate the skin. For example, Witch Hazel is a great natural toner, but can be harsh and drying on some sensitive skin. A gentler alternative to that could be Rosewater, another great natural toner.

My go-to natural products include; Witch Hazel, Rosewater, Rose Hips Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Bentonite Clay.

~Witch Hazel is made from the bark and leaves of a planted called Hamamelis. Witch Hazel acts as a natural astringent which helps to shrink and tighten pores. It helps remove excess oils, dirt, and bacteria from the skin. And creates a soothing effect to help reduce inflammation. Because it is a natural astringent, it acts as a toner, which helps to dry out acne. This can be applied with a cotton ball or pad. A brand I like is, Thayers, which is organic and alcohol-free.

~Rosewater has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years. Like Witch Hazel, Rosewater helps to improve complexion, tighten pores, and control excess oils but is much more gentle. It also helps reduce irritated, puffy, and inflamed skin. Rosewater has antibacterial properties that can help reduce acne. And incredibly enough, it also helps maintain the skin’s pH balance! A brand I like is, Chantecaille (Pure Rosewater). You can also make your own Rosewater which is fun and personal! You can make your own by using fresh organic Rose petals. Pour boiling water over the petals, mix, let cool, and strain!

~Rose Hips Seed Oil is pressed seed oil extracted from the seeds of Roses. It's a great natural moisturizer and helps improve the skin on many levels. Rose Hips Oil has the ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin to help improve moisture and collagen while reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Therefore, it’s great in helping to prevent and reduce acne scars. It can also be incorporating into a daily skincare routine! A brand I like is, Kate Blanc, which is organic and reasonably priced!

~Shea Butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree. It contains a plethora of natural vitamins and fatty acids which are nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. Shea Butter is great for dry and peeling skin. And helps reduce razor irritation and bumps. It helps reduce stretch marks and acts as a protective layer for the skin’s natural oils. A brand I like is, SheaMoisture, which is 100% raw organic Shea Butter!

~Jojoba Oil is a liquid produced in the seed of the Jojoba plant. It's a concentrated oil full of skin-nourishing vitamins, such as Vitamin E and B-Complex. Although it’s an oil, it actually helps control excess oils and keeps the skin from looking oily! This is ideal for people with dry skin as it helps keep the skin moisturized. It also helps to support the pH of the skin and prevent acne caused by clogged pores. Jojoba Oil has been proven to ease the effects of Eczema and Rosacea. It helps keep the skin calm, comfortable, and under control. A brand I like is, Kate Blanc, which is organic and reasonably priced!

~Bentonite Clay is Calcium Bentonite which is made up of various minerals that are transformative for the skin. You can make a mask using one part Bentonite Clay and equal parts water or Apple Cider Vinegar. The clay helps to pull out any contaminants and chemicals. It helps absorb and remove toxins and heavy metals while encouraging increased blood flow to the face. Bentonite Clay masks are deep-pore cleansers that help heal acne prone skin and help create smoother tighter skin! A brand I like is, Aztec Indian Healing Clay, it’s 100% natural Calcium Bentonite from Death Valley, California.

I absolutely love all of these natural skin savers! They encompass all of the benefit’s I wish to bring to my skin! They’re great alternatives to harsh chemicals and I enjoy supporting ethical companies. Not only is your skin your largest organ, but it absorbs everything you put on it, so it’s in your best interest to know what you are putting on your body!

Our GoddessCeremony Creatrix, Cassandra has also shared her wisdom regarding skin saving health care. She was able to completely cure her Eczema by utilizing one of the most natural products there is, our own menstrual blood. Read more about menstrual blood face mask here.

Much love & light

Sarah Del Rey

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