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Breast Health and 3 Good Bra Options

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Breast health is a vital thing for us as women - and yet many of us likely did not learn about powerful proactive things we can be doing to support breast health. Be sure to tune into the GoddessCeremony Podcast for powerful tips, tools and resources to live embodied.


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One key aspect to support breast health is the kind of bras we wear AND the length of time we wear them per day. A study found that the number of hours a woman wore a bra per day directly correlated to her risk of developing breast cancer.

This study shocked the world since wearing bras is thought to be a normal, safe thing for women to do. Right?

While going bra-less is certainly a great option, we find many women need a bra that offers coverage AND is healthy for our breast and lymph health. Especially for women with large cup sizes or those who work in professional settings and need something to cover them, a bra can be necessary.

We're sharing our 3 favorite types of bras for women with breast health in mind!

While Victoria's Secret is known for their mega push up bras, they do have some great options that are light and non-restrictive. These bralettes are light and don't have an underwire while offering support and coverage.

These bras are incredibly light while offering coverage. Women report that these bras are incredibly comfortable and soft while also giving a small amount of lift and support.

This bra has the most lift of any of the bras on this list, so I think it would be a better option for women with a larger cup size. It does not have an underwire and instead the design is very simple and comfortable.

Some other tips:

-Try to limit the number of hours per day you wear a bra. If you can, take off your bra when you get home or choose something super soft and light.

-Never sleep with a bra on. Instead, opt for a loose fitting tank or t shirt.

-After wearing a bra for a few hours, stimulate your breast tissue and lymph but rigorously rubbing your breasts. This will help the lymph start to flow again.

Are you committed to supporting your breast health? Now is the time!

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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