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  • Sarah Del Rey

Self Expression and Sacred Body Art

Self-expression is a beautiful thing. One fascinating form of self-expression lives in the form of tattoos! Tattoos began as an ancient art form that traces back to the Stone Ages and has lived on even in today’s modern culture.

There are many reasons why people decide to get tattoos. One major reason is that people have begun to recognize the body as a sort of canvas for their own work of art. Other reasons can be to represent a meaning or memory.

The specific meaning is unique for each person. Tattoos that are carved on the body become a permanent part of the skin and identity. These body markings aren’t mere meanings, sometimes they mean more to a person and can supplement other aspects of a person’s life. “There are many people who get a tattoo done to have a constant motivational source for self-improvement.” They are usually done in a very creative and stylish manner so that they look great on the body as they stay there forever. The holder of such meaningful tattoos is one deep thinker and the symbols reflect in their personality.

I personally don’t have any tattoos, but I believe body art is one of the most interesting and unique ways of self-expression! No two people have the same tattoo and definitely, do not share the same meanings. To me, tattoos are like stories. There are significance and importance as to why a person decides to get inked. I love the physical art aspect of it too. Some tattoos incorporate delicate line and dot work, while others stand out because they were done in vibrant colors. Some even incorporate their own handwriting or artwork!

Our GoddessCeremony Creatrix, Cassandra Wilder, was kind enough to share the story behind one of her lovely tattoos.

“Tattoos are special to me, and each of mine has a lot of meaning behind them. I got the word “wanderlust” tattooed on my arm a few years ago while on a road trip with my sister. It was our exploration of the United States in a vintage airstream that really sparked the love for travel in me, and so we spontaneously decided to tattoo this beautiful word on our arms at a studio in Seattle. We both chose to get it tattooed in our own handwriting, so I remember writing wanderlust probably 100 times until I felt it looked right!”

Thank you for sharing, Cassandra! Tattoos are magnificent meaningful art, and also a great conversation starter! If you see someone with an interesting tattoo, I recommend asking them about it! Most people are happy and proud to share their stories if it’s not too personal, and if it is, at least it’s a kind way to recognize them and extend a thoughtful compliment and genuine interest!

Much love & light

Sarah Del Rey

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