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Want to Interview Cassandra on your Podcast? Here's How!

Since our Creator and Lead Retreat Facilitator Cassandra Wilder began the GoddessCeremony Podcast in February, we've been amazed to see so many incredible like-minded thought leaders reaching out. Podcasting has been such a big leap for us at GoddessCeremony, and we're so grateful for all of you who have tuned in each week!

Cassandra has been honored to be interviewed on other podcasts like the Sivana Podcast with Brett Larkin and the Secret Lives of Holistic Healers. Known for her warmth, professionalism and ease with speaking, Cassandra is recognized as a growing leader in the health and wellness world.

If you'd like to have Cassandra come on your podcast, you can learn more below!

Cassandra can contribute to your podcast by teaching about:

-women's health and healing as a Naturopathic Doctor

-hormone balancing and cycle regulation

-entrepreneurship and building a business

-women's leadership and taking big leaps in life

-spirituality and connecting to something greater

-yoga and mindfulness

-traditional women's wisdom

Fill out the form here to request Cassandra Wilder to come onto your Podcast

After you fill out the form above, we'll be in touch within a week to schedule an interview. After being interviewed on your podcast, we'll share the links to the episode via our social media links and on our website. This is a great opportunity to increase awareness about your podcast and improve SEO.

We look forward to collaborating!



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