• Cassandra Wilder

Making Modern Dating an Empowering Experience

In our modern world, dating can feel like such an inconvenience. Especially when more people are meeting potential partners online than ever before, it can be really easy to fall into the mindset of: dating sucks.

But is that really true? And what if we changed our perspective... could we change the outcome?

I put this idea to the test, and I'm sharing the three powerful things I learned along the way!

1) See dating as an amazing opportunity to connect

Sure, you're going to go on some dates that end a bit lackluster. And yes, you probably won't meet the love of your life after just one date. But if we're honest with ourselves, is that what we really want? While dating can be tricky and somewhat disappointing, there is something fun about meeting new people and hearing their stories, their desires and dreams.

See each date as an opportunity to simply connect, and let go of the idea that this person might be the one. Let go of the expectations and especially on a first date, go to simply connect and see if you resonate with this person.

2) Create an empowering mantra

A mantra that I loved speaking while dating was "High quality men flock to me." And amazingly, that became my reality. The moment I stopped complaining that there were no more good men out there and that I'm signing up to be a crazy cat lady, (yes, I'm embarrassed to admit I literally said those things) good men started popping up everywhere.

Suddenly going to the grocery store or yoga events became the perfect place to connect with high quality men who were kind, ambitious and clear on what they wanted.

3) Take care of yourself along the way

Try not to fall into the common pitfall of abandoning all forms of self care and joyful pursuits when you meet a man you really like. Instead, focus on living from a place of passion and purpose. Not only will this support you in feeling far more fulfilled, it'll also allow you to feel more joy - and joy is attractive!

Are you dating in the modern world? What tips have you found to be game changers?

In gratitude,


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