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New Moon in Gemini June 2019 - Growth and Grounding

Happy New Moon, sister! We're honored to have Astrologer Katya Weiss-Andersson here on the GoddessCeremony Team sharing her astrology insights for this New Moon in Gemini!

We had quite a month there, folks. I don’t know about you, but the astrology of this past moon cycle had most people reeling- from sudden chaos in their relationships, to unexpectedly having to face their own darkest depths, to unexpectedly facing major misalignments. And now for something completely different, we have at last made it to the Gemini new moon that will wane into complete darkness on Monday, June 3rd.

Gemini is an air sign that deals with ideas, inspiration and quick-witted communication. Gemini energy is bright, bubbly, social, clever, fun and high-energy, but can also be duplicitous, disingenuous and all over the place. Gemini season can be a fun time, but also a hard time to find consistency and grounding- that’s where the new moon comes in.

The new moon, much like a person’s menstrual bleed, is a crucially important time to ground down and go inward. While it can be easy to get swept away in the buzzing, social energy of Gemini season, we actually have quite a few reasons to take some time for reflection and solitude:

Mars is still in Cancer, which is a placement that can breed internal angst all too easily. Mars in Cancer makes our arguments a little more moody, our knee-jerk reactions a little more rash, and our overall primal existences feel a little more unsettled and uncomfortable. Most of us aren’t feeling this as much as we were a few weeks ago, but we certainly will be if we don’t take some conscious breaths.

We have three subtle(ish) but significant retrogrades going on: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Retrogrades are not the villains we make them out to be; they are moments of pause and re-evaluation to see what is and isn’t working for us. The full moon in Scorpio two weeks ago plunged us into our dark sides and all the big feelings lurking there; now this Pluto retrograde is still calling us to address our hangups and exorcise what’s keeping us at the same dead ends.

Saturn’s retrograde calls us to look at what structures, systems and boundaries (or lack thereof) aren’t working for us anymore. Saturn (and Capricorn, the sign in which it’s in retrograde) is very oriented towards challenge, discipline and seriousness. Its retrograde asks us questions like “How are we showing up for our challenges? Are we repeating the same mistakes over and over rather than learning the lesson calling to us?”

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and good fortune, and its retrograde calls us to look at what we can do to bring more of that into our lives. First and foremost, it’s calling us to take inventory of our growths and successes and really celebrate them with gratitude.

On a lighter note, we have to talk about our friend Venus. Venus rules relationships of all types, but romantic ones in particular; Venus energy is all about love and harmony. After being all over the place and causing all kinds of upheaval during the past month, Venus is now chilling in Taurus and finally finding more pleasure, abundance and ease. We’re able to move past drama and messes that may have emerged. But in order to stay in that place of ease, this grounding time is key.

In conclusion:

We’re in much easier territory than we have been, but there’s still inner work to be done. When not consciously balanced, Gemini energy lacks integrity and follow-through. This new moon time is for us to get clear on what we have to convey to the world, and to get our actions in alignment with those messages. More broadly, the three retrogrades combine to ask us how we can get out of the way of our own growth. All three of these planets will be in retrograde for a while- so we have time to continue this re-evaluation and to make the necessary changes- but Mars in Cancer underscores the need to prioritize solitude, grounding and reflection right now.

Here's three ways to celebrate this new moon:

>> Journal: Find a comfortable place by yourself that feels sacred, make some tea and put that eloquent Gemini energy to use. You can write down what emotions have been coming up for you lately, create a gratitude list of your recent successes and areas of growth, clarify what you need to release and what you’d like to manifest, identify areas where you’d like to find greater alignment and integrity, or just write whatever comes as stream-of-consciousness.

>> Do some yin yoga: If you can’t take an in-person class, there are some great ones on Youtube. The deep stretches and long holds of yin yoga do more than just build flexibility; this practice is amazing for emotional processing, letting go and learning to be still (WHICH IS HARD.)

>> Take some time alone in nature: If you can get your feet in some dirt or a body of water, amazing. If you can do some deep breathing and meditation under a tree, fantastic. Just get some you and Mama Earth time.

With gratitude,

Katya Weiss-Andersson -GoddessCeremony Astrologer-

About the Astrologer~

Katya Weiss-Andersson offers resources for holistic wellness through multiple modalities. As a plant-based chef, she caters retreats and events across the United States. As a RYT-200 yoga teacher and kirtan artist, she teaches yoga asana and

Bhakti music. She works with astrology, plants, movement, sound and intersectional queer theory as tools for healing on the individual and community level. Her writing on food and wellness has been published on GoddessCeremony, Greatist and others and her website is katyaweissandersson.com. She is the proud mom of one plant and one queer kickball league in Durham, NC.


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