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Interview with Cassandra Wilder ~ GoddessCeremony Creatrix

Our amazing Sister Support Coordinator Sarah Del Rey recently interviewed the Creator of GoddessCeremony, Cassandra Wilder, on life, healing, retreats and her own personal journey. We hope you enjoy the interview below!

Please share with us the most rewarding part about leading GoddessCeremony Retreats

There are so many moments that are special to witness at our Sacred Goddess Retreats, but I love the simple quiet in-between moments the most. Watching women become dear friends over breakfast or seeing women support each other through challenge and breakthroughs are so meaningful to me. Women very rarely have this opportunity to be loved and supported by other women, and so I love watching these lifelong friendships strengthen throughout the weekend.

What or who inspires and motivates you the most?

Honestly, I am motivated deeply by the woman I once was. I remember what it felt like to be heartbroken, completely lost, deeply depressed and alone and so I have this vision of this version of myself that I hold very dear. By remembering her and what she needed more than anything during that season of my life, I feel clarity in what I can offer the world and what women in similar spaces need and crave. While it was a very painful time of my life, it also paved the way for me to have a better sense of understanding for women moving through similar challenges.

How do you choose your podcast topics? Which ones have been your favorite to record so far?

I’ve had so much fun picking podcast topics so far! Initially, I thought I would record 4 or 5 at a time and then upload throughout the month, but for some reason i’ve felt inspired to record a new one each week on topics that feel relevant and needed. I loved recording the podcasts about the cervix, vaginal steaming and menstruation. If you can’t tell, I love talking about taboo topics in an accessible, empowering way!

What boundaries do you create for your life and business?

In full transparency, this one has been a challenge for me. Because I love what I do and feel so fulfilled by it, sometimes I’ll cut into personal time with work stuff. It’s been a process to learn how to truly have a day off and take care of myself when needed. Hiring amazing women like Sarah in our Sister Support role have helped me honor this boundary far more, but it’s still a work in progress for me!

What is your favorite morning routine?

I cherish the mornings when I get to awake slowly, meditate, make my favorite matcha latte with oat milk and soak up the sunshine on my porch. This allows me to start my day in a grounded, present way.

What challenges have you faced with GoddessCeremony and how did you overcome them?

At the beginning of this journey, I struggled with my own personal worth. I felt like I couldn’t charge for my services and questioned my abilities and capacity to hold space for other women. Through my own healing journey and with the support of my amazing mentors around the world, I was able to understand my worth and the impact I can offer. But at the beginning of this path, I was so afraid to be seen and recognized as a guide and therefore often put myself down out of fear.

Describe a major turning point in your life and what direction it took you in?

Everything changed for me at the age of 19 when I was assaulted in my own home by a man I loved and trusted. Being hurt so deeply by someone I knew and loved was so painful, and then to move through the legal system with police reports, detective interviews and court hearings, I was left at my ultimate rock bottom. From this point I knew I could either leave this realm or change. I am so grateful I chose to stay and begin the long road of healing.

Are you empathetic? How do you handle other people’s energies? Do you take any measures to cleanse yourself or space after working with others, please share.

Ohhhhhhhh yes! I had a difficult time leading circles and retreats at the beginning because I felt every emotion that the women were expressing. Learning how to ground down and create a loving, protective barrier between me and others’ experiences has been the most valuable tool i’ve learned. This allows me to stay present, empathize with what each woman says, but not get so caught up in her story that i’m sobbing and no longer offering support for her.

What's the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life and career?

One piece of wisdom that has changed so much for me is this ~ forgiveness will set you free. I’ve found so much healing personally by forgiving the people that have challenged me in this life, and I find this practice valuable even in small instances - like someone cutting me off on the road or running into me at the airport. To be able to forgive in an instant and move on with my life has been a game changer.

Do you take any herbal supplements? If so what and why!

I do! It changes frequently but my general favorites are Rose Hips (a great natural source for Vitamin C), Vitamin D, Red Raspberry Leaf (excellent for supporting your cycle) and Nettle (a great way to boost your mineral stores!).

What is your go-to awaken your wild woman dance song?

Well, there’s two answers to this one - haha! If i’m wanting something flowy and Goddess-y, i’ll dance to something like Midnight Dance by Mayapuris. If i’m wanting something upbeat to empower me and boost my creativity, I LOVE the song Life by Haddaway. Yes, seemingly very different but I love them both!

Favorite yoga position or sequence and why!

I love poses like half splits, sleeping swan and reverse warrior on the knee. If you can’t tell, I love stretching out my hamstrings and piriformis muscle. So good!

What sets GoddessCeremony apart from other women’s communities?

I think every women’s gathering can offer women different tools and forms of support and because of this, some women will feel resonance with GoddessCeremony and others will feel connected to different circles. At GoddessCeremony, we do strive to have a high level of integrity and quality at our retreats. We’re grateful to be recognized for our consistency in offering retreats, circles and workshops that are in alignment with our brand and mission. We strive to continually improve and offer impactful experiences for women!

What are some of your dream locations for GoddessCeremony Retreats?

I definitely dream of a Greece retreat on an island. Manifesting soon!!!!

Do you plan to go back