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  • Sarah Del Rey

The Wisdom of Turmeric and How to Use It

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Turmeric is a spice and medicinal herb that has been used in India for thousands of years. Turmeric is responsible for giving curry it’s a yellow color.

Turmeric is made up of compounds called curcuminoids, and Curcumin is the most important one because of it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Using Turmeric spice in foods is not enough to reap the full benefits because the Curcumin content is pretty low. To reap full benefits, it is best to take a Turmeric supplement which contains highly concentrated amounts of Curcumin.

Interestingly enough, Curcumin is not easily absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore it is important to pair it with a natural substance that will enhance the Curcumins absorption and bioavailability.

A natural substance that increases Curcumins absorption by a staggering 2,000% is that of black pepper! Black pepper contains Piperine, which is responsible for nutrient absorption.

There are many wonderful ways to use and benefit from Turmeric.

Most notably is for chronic inflammation in the body. Turmeric is one herb that everyone should be taking! It’s great for pain and joint inflammation. And has been proven to improve the symptoms of Arthritis. “In fact, it’s so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs, without the side effects.” Turmeric also has the ability to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and help symptoms of depression. “Curcumin boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factor, linked to improved brain function and a lower risk of brain diseases.” That is incredible! And you can conveniently find and take a Turmeric supplement orally daily. You can also find a premixed powder called “Golden Milk” which is a blend of “Turmeric, Dates, and herbs; Black pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla, and Ashwagandha.” The powder can be mixed into milk or other plant-based milk alternatives, and trust me, it’s delicious!

Another way to use Turmeric is topical. Turmeric works wonders for the skin! It’s considered anti-aging and leaves you with a warm natural glow. It can be used to help with redness, blemishes, eczema, rosacea, and wrinkles. The Turmeric creates a calm soothing effect for the skin. Making a face mask is the easiest way, and there are tons of DIY recipes out there!

Some favorites I found out there are;

-“For acne and antibacterial concerns, combine turmeric with warm water and honey.

-For hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, combine turmeric with yogurt and lemon juice for extra nourishment and brightening effects.

-For irritation, mix turmeric extract with aloe vera gel for natural soothing effects.”

Believe it or not, Turmeric also supports gum health and can help whiten teeth! Turmeric itself stains almost everything yellow, so the fact that it can help whiten teeth is a little wild! It can be mixed with coconut oil to create a paste that can be applied to the teeth. The toothbrush you use to apply it with will get stained so maybe buy an extra one just for that activity!

Turmeric is an amazing spice! So many ways to utilize and enjoy it! I take full advantage of the many wonders of Turmeric, but the Golden Milk has to be my favorite! In what ways do you utilize and enjoy Turmeric? Please feel free to share!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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