• Cassandra Wilder

3 Powerful Medicine Songs for Women's Circles

Guiding sacred women's circles is such a blessing. To witness women gather together and feel the safety and love that sisterhood provides is so very special.

At our Sacred Goddess Retreats and women's circles we often teach women sacred medicine songs. These songs are simple to learn and yet deeply powerful when sung together in a group. These songs have different origins and many are hundreds of years old.

Song and the act of singing has been part of every culture in the world and while many of us may now feel afraid of singing or shame about our voices, singing together in circle can help allow us to open and reclaim our voice.

If you lead sacred women's circles, I highly recommend teaching your sisters sacred medicine songs!

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Song One: The River is Flowing

Song Two: Stone in My Bones

Song Three: We are the Flow

In your sacred circles, you can sing one line and then ask the women to sing it back to you all together. If you sing one of these songs, comment below and let us know how it felt to guide sacred song!

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