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Photos from the Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Retreat May 2019

This past weekend we gathered with 7 powerful human beings in the desert of Southern Utah. Women from across the United States and Canada gathered for this retreat after 8 weeks of online study into the Divine Feminine, the Goddess and sacred women's circles.

Our days were filled with sacred workshops, ceremonies, immersions, discussions and sacred spaces as these sisters learned the art of guiding sacred women's circles. It is with great honor and gratitude that we initiate each of these women as Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrixes.

Congratulations to ~

Kristin Wolf

Lynette Denson

Amanda Joy Gilbert

Pam Kam

Nadine M. Bullinger

Graciela Caro

Michelle N. Flynn

These powerful women will soon be listed on our Find a Women's Circle page where you can find women's circles in your local area. The women listed on this page have studied women's circles and the Divine Feminine extensively and are highly gifted and qualified human beings.

Are you ready to rise into this role as teacher? Sign up for our Creatrix Training now! Our next round begins August 2019! Claim your spot here!

With gratitude,


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