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Life is a Balance Between Holding On and Letting Go

“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.” - Rumi

This philosophy is so powerful. Finding balance is a lifelong practice. Meaning, life is constantly changing and that will require different actions and reactions from you. At times, you will have to decide what is worth holding onto and what is worth letting go. This can apply to anything in life. You can think about it in terms of energy, people, material things, habits, hobbies, emotions, or desires.

A good way to understand this on a deeper level is to meditate on the quote itself. Meditating on the subject will cause you to connect to your own understanding. Therefore, having the capability to apply it to your specific situation.

While meditating, you may even find that we already know what is worth holding on to and what needs to be released. It isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but deep down we know the truth. Deciding how to handle this sacred balance becomes easier the more we practice it.

Letting go or releasing is an influential act. Releasing “leads to healing, it helps recharge your energy and put things into perspective”. A good example of letting go is when you release the emotions behind things that you cannot change. Releasing the energy you are holding onto is such a weight lifting feeling. When you release, that space and energy are opened up to other possibilities.

Life happens and the question of whether to hold on or let go will be asked time and time again. Is your energy worth more being invested or worth more letting go? Investing your energy in things you can’t change or control is a waste of energy. It may sound harsh but it’s true because our energy is valuable. Holding on to the wrong things can cause anger, depression, or confusion. It’s better to let it go than allow it to live in your thoughts.

Connecting to your intuition can play a major role in the balance of holding on and letting go. When you connect to your intuition, you are connecting to your higher self. And your higher self knows what's best for you. When you go with your gut instinct or intuition, you are trusting in yourself and that is a beautiful thing.

If there's one thing to hold onto, it’s to always be yourself and honor that. Believe and invest in yourself and practice self-care. These practices will positively benefit you and deepen the connect to intuition. So when life asks, is this worth holding onto or letting go, you will confidently know the answer. Trust yourself!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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