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Jade Rollers and Goddess Skin Care

A Jade Roller is a paint-roller type tool for the face that is made of Jade stone or sometimes Rose Quartz. This tool has been most commonly used in Chinese traditions but has gained popularity for its many skin deep benefits!

Not only is it a mini massage, but it's proven to reduce puffiness and increase blood circulation. This happens by gliding the roller from the center of the face out. Rolling increases some level of lymphatic drainage which temporarily reduces inflammation. This can cause a flush in the face which creates a radiant youthful appearance.

The stone and act of rolling itself is quite soothing for the skin. You can put your Jade Roller in the refrigerator before using to amplify de-puffiness, skin brightening, and reduce swelling. Using a serum or moisturizer on the skin before rolling helps the tool move easily and encourages the deeper penetration of skin care products.

It is also said that Jade Rolling can help remove toxins, reduce dark circles, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, relieve stress and tension, tone facial muscles, improve skin elasticity, and stimulate acupuncture and reflex points. You can use the Jade Roller for relief of sinus pain and pressure. Due to the Jade stones ability to stay cool, it can also help close pores and tighten the skin.

Jade stone is a healing crystals whose properties include being good for the skin, hair, lymphatic system,and helps acne. Jade is the symbol of serenity and purity and it’s green color links to the heart chakra. It also signifies growth, vitality, and prosperity. Bringing harmony and nurturing elements to the user.

Ancient Chinese civilizations utilized Jade in multiple ways. They carved statues from it and created jewelry. They did this because they understood the healing properties of Jade. Chinese traditions also understood Meridian flow and how Chi and anti-aging connected. And they chose to use Jade, “the stone of eternal youth” for facial treatments because of this.

Some people use Rose Quartz Rollers instead of Jade. This works just as well and in many similar ways. As in, connecting to the heart chakra, its ability to stay cool, help reduce wrinkles, and promote skin health. Rose Quartz is a slightly heavier and harder stone, therefore it may be more suitable for the long run as Jade is softer and will eventually endure wear and tear.

I got a Jade Roller for all of the reasons listed above and it hasn’t failed me yet! Although it might be considered a beauty fade at the moment, I don’t see it disappearing anytime soon! You can literally see the difference in puffiness of the skin instantly. Personally, I use it morning and night. It’s great in the morning to reduce eye puffiness and perfect at night to deeply absorb moisturizer. It’s a beautiful crystal healing facial tool and will be kept close at all times!

We bought ours from Meadow's Crystals and highly recommend hers!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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