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New Moon in Taurus May 2019 - Strong Foundations

On May 4th, 2019 the sacred moon honors her time of rest as she wanes into the New Moon time. As the sky blackens and the stars brighten, this sacred New Moon in Taurus sets the foundation for new layers of transformation and healing.

If you've been craving a connection to the earth or found yourself wanting to be outside more than normal, you're not alone! The deep earth energy of Taurus combined with the primal draw of the New Moon likely has most of us desiring to be outside and with the earth.

The moon affects all human beings and life forms on the earth, but few things are as deeply affected as the Divine Feminine. The New Moon may bring with it the need for rest, self care and time to be alone as we return to our shadow in the midst of the dark moon. If you've been feeling anxious, scattered, overwhelmed or irritated, you need to make space to create that connection with the earth and ground down.

While we've experienced many deeply transformational New and Full Moons already in 2019, this New Moon in Taurus offers somewhat of a different energy. While change is constant and things are ever evolving in the Universe, this sacred New Moon time begins to lay the foundations of stability, strength and connection.

What we need to remember with the New Moon in Taurus is this ~

Before massive growth and change can take place, our roots must be strong. See this New Moon as a gentle break from big shifts and transformations and instead focus on staying grounded, rooted and committed to your purpose and who you truly are. From this powerful foundation, we will be able to step forward boldly.

Because this New Moon is focused on stability and healing, this is also a potent time to release and let go of things that stand in the way of your groundedness and strength. While this is a powerful practice with any New Moon, be sure to create a healing space to let go with this New Moon especially.

- Here's 3 ways to celebrate this New Moon -

1) Let go.

Create a healing space for yourself and begin to write out the things that you are ready to release. These things can be things that have happened to us, old beliefs, guilt, shame, fear - anything that is weighing heavy on you. Write these things out in the form of an affirmation (I AM releasing... or I LET GO of...) and then burn the papers in a fire.

2) Stay grounded.

Place your bare feet on the earth and feel this connection fuel you. If you can go for a barefoot walk or hike, even better. Create space to connect with the earth and feel this groundedness.

3) Honor what you need.

Self care is a must during every New Moon so take space to honor what you need. A warm bath, a relaxing afternoon, a day without social media, a massage or time to journal are all excellent self care options. Remember that any form of self care - seemingly big or small - will support you during this time.

Allow this New Moon to lay the foundation for the next layer of your life. May we all remain grounded and rooted to our truths and passions.

In lunar wisdom,

Cassandra Wilder


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