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  • Sarah Del Rey

Using a Vision Board to Manifest Your Dreams

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

A powerful tool and example of The Universal Law of Attraction at work is that of a Vision Board. A vision board is a physical representation of everything you wish to have and create for yourself. It seems simple but it's really deep and requires you to think about what you really want in life.

The first step is becoming clear. To figure this out, you will have to ask yourself questions and be honest. Some topics include one's values, career goals, love life, family life, or living situation. The more specific the better! Once you have become clear on what you want, it's then easier for you to begin attracting those things.

Visualizing intentions and manifestations make the energy behind them much stronger. Speaking them into existence is step one and is a vital part of the Law of Attraction. But to visualize your wishes and feel the energy as if you already had them, truly amplifies the wish and the attraction.

Visualizing isn’t limited to just a mental picture. It can become real life, something physically tangible and as unique as you would like it to be! After you have become clear on your vision, you must become creative! Displaying your visions on a board makes visualization much easier and can be a beautiful reminder of everything you are working toward or wish to attract!

Creating your vision board can be in the form of pictures that you find online, cut out of magazines, newspapers articles, or real life photographs. The board can include meaningful words, quotes, book pages, or pamphlets. It can be anything you want it to be! You have the power to choose and it’s fun to get creative with your board! Maybe you want multiple vision boards! Maybe you want it to match your room decor! The possibilities are endless! Here's an example of one below.

What’s important to remember when crafting your vision board is to to take the time to connect with what you are actually putting on it. Reinforcing your wishes and feeling that energy again. This is your board, your vision! You are manifesting this ~ You have to have a connection to it!

A good way to connect with your vision board while creating it is to be in the right environment. You want to be comfortable and able to focus your energy and attention on the board! Creating in the right atmosphere can mean lighting candles, incense, sage, or palo santo. Playing your favorite music or putting on some binaural beats! And finally, meditating in your space before or after you create the vision board!

After you create a vision board, hang it somewhere you will see it every day! Maybe hang it on the inside of your bedroom door and take a pause every time you're about to leave your space to remind yourself of your vision! Take time to visualize it every day. It’s important to be consistent. The Law of Attraction only works if you are also working toward it. Life happens and we get busy. But don’t lose sight of your vision! This is your future ~ you have the power!

If you have any tips on creating a vision board or would like to share your experiences, please share!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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