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  • Sarah Del Rey

Sacred Uses for Moon Water

Moon water is exactly what it sounds like, water that has been charged by the Moon's energy. One way to capture this lunar energy is by filling a clear glass jar with clean purified water and placing it outside in nature or on a window sill where it can fully absorb its sacred light. An ideal time to set out a jar of water to be charged would be during a Full Moon or Supermoon. And this is because the Full Moon energy is heightened and will help to empower and motivate you.

The great thing about moon water is that you can use it in so many different ways! Some of the ways include ceremonial purposes or energetically. You can use lunar charged water in teas, baths, cleansing crystals, watering plants, diffusing, and anything else you can think of!

I personally like to drink it by taking sips of it daily. But it’s always fun to mix it up and incorporate it in one of the many different ways! On those much-needed self-care days, I like to add some moon water to my bath with Epsom salt and flower petals. When my heart chakra needs some extra attention, I’ll mix roses in moon water to make rose water that is lunar infused. It’s really great to cleanse crystals with, positively cleansing and charging them and easy to keep on my altar. Even my plants benefit from the moon water energy! And finally, I enjoy diffusing my moon water with my favorite essential oils! I love to diffuse lavender, especially at night, with the moon water combo it makes for extra peaceful rest.

An extra touch for moon water can be speaking intentions or affirmations into the water. We know that words make a huge difference in the energy of a substance. By speaking positive intentions and affirmations into your water, you are already positively charging it. And when you set that positively charged water under the Full Moon it helps to tap into this ancient wisdom and you have a jar full of powerful healing medicine.

Another special thing you can do for your moon water is to add a crystal to it! You can place the crystal right on top of the jar or inside the jar if the crystal has been cleaned well and will not dissolve. Creating a moon water crystal elixir can be extremely effective! During the process, you want to focus your intentions on what you want this energy to do for you. Some of my favorite crystals to use for this include, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz. Depending on what intentions I wish to use will depend on which crystal I will add to it. For general use as an energy amplifier, Clear Quartz. For intentions that are geared toward healing and prosperity, Amethyst. For intentions that deal with self-love and compassion, Rose Quartz. These moon water crystal elixirs can be drunk or applied topically.

At the end of the day, the moon water is anything you make it be. It’s fun, easy, and effective. There are endless creative possibilities for this powerful essence. However you decide to utilize moon water is up to you and know that you are completely supported by the power of the full moon energy.

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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