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  • Sarah Del Rey

The Art of Holding Space

It’s important to be heard. To feel held. To release your feelings through words and let yourself begin to heal. Having a safe, kind, gentle, and comfortable group of people, or even person to turn to and release to is so sacred and nurturing.

A lot of the time, when we engage with others, it’s in a conversation style matter. Both parties are conversing, having their time to speak. But sometimes, we simply want to get things off our hearts and not continue to talk about it. Sometimes we just want to feel truly heard, with the opportunity to collectively let it go. In conversations, people listen to interpret, responde and sometimes put their opinions into a subject. That is perfectly fine in most cases, but sometimes you don’t need or want someone to put their energy into your energy or take a chance to be heard away from you and make it about them.

When women gather and are able to hold space for one another, it is medicine. What I mean by that is, we all benefit from coming together to be there for one another. We tend to realize we are all experiencing similar things. You are not alone, and you don’t have to be. We are all navigating through life on our own path but on a collective wavelength. My story is your story and I am here to hold space for you.

It can be powerful to speak your truths and release them and be witnessed by a compassionate group. This community has your back and wants the best for you. When you release, they release with you and for you. Clearing the energy and creating an uplifting space to rise from.

To me, holding space is a beautiful art form. To be still and so kindly offer up your focus and open heart to hear others. To listen without wanting to respond or relate to. To help others release and cleanse. It’s soul supportive and empowering. To gather in a sacred circle of sisters around a meaningful altar filled with crystals, candles, and flowers is divine.

I always look forward to meeting up with a community of empowering women to free my mind and learn from. It is so refreshing, and I am grateful.

How do you feel after leaving a sacred women’s circle where space holding took place?

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Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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