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The Tales of a Luminous Gardener - Part 3

We honored to share this guest blog post by the lovely Megan Lendman on plants, healing and storytelling. Megan is a graduate of our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training and an incredibly gifted healer. This will be a three part series coming out every Friday over the next month so be sure to check back each Friday! Please comment below and let us know your thoughts!


continued tales of a Luminous Gardener...

A new plant shop opened up in my town, only 5 minutes by car - 15 minutes by foot from my home. There is a beautiful woman who I have seen at other plant shops who told me about this place. She is one of those people where you can sense her green thumb simply by the whimsical look in her eye and her patient way of speaking. She had worked at other plant shops I had been to, so when I found out this was her new location, I was excited to see this new greenhouse she was a part of. The shop was tucked away behind a new restaurant in a very modern looking new apartment building. Its winter and frigid outside as I make my way toward the door, so when I see the palms in the window I quicken my steps and am happy to be greeted by a wash of humid warm air. The first thing I do is take a deep breath. Inhaling in the warm green fresh air, and exhaling all the frigidity I've been holding on to. Then I allow my eyes to take in their fill of green. This beautiful energy that I witness begins to make its way down to my heart. On all sides there are shelves and tables of plants. The walls are completely white, with no need for decoration as the greenery is enough for the soul. There are at least a dozen plants that are likely older than me as they are thick, tall, and healthy. Dozens more are young and full of potential. I begin to walk down the aisle with my hand outstretched toward the leafy chifleras, ferns, and pothos vines. With intention I move my hand back in toward my body when I come across the cacti. I simply bow my head and admire the growth from these desert plants that stretch toward the sky with little effort from water. It is in this section, that I come across a succulent that I have never before seen.

This plant, known as a Lithops, is about half the size of my thumb and is poking out of the dirt intentionally and plump. The crown of this round succulent is split perfectly in half, giving off the appearance of another kind of humanly slit , a nice plump butt. To me, one of the most beautiful reflections of this world are when plants and humans have similar features. Also, in my garden, I love recruiting plants that work with me in meditation. Something I personally have struggled with for years is my perception of my own backside. I look at this little plant and find out that she doesn't need much attention at all. Truly, she is almost entirely self-sufficient with only needing to be watered once every six months. There is something this curious little being has to teach me. So I scoop her up and take her home to my succulent garden. I put her in her own pot and decorate her soil with stones of many colors. I thank her for making the journey to my home and welcome her to my community of plants. One can never expect a plant to teach anything but we can always ask if they are willing to. But its only worth asking if we're willing to listen. So for now this beauty is in my windowsill where I will sit with her during my meditations, expecting nothing and open to everything.

~Megan Lendman

About the Author~

Megan Lendman comes from a long line of women healers, both indigenous and immigrant. As a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix, Professional Photographer, Luminous Gardener, and through her family's naturopathic practice The Remedy House, she holds space for people to be their authentic selves and heal from the inside out. She is based in Grand Rapids, MI and her services are available around the world. Find out more about her at or her instagram @meganlendmanphoto

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