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Full Moon in Libra April 2019 - Balance and New Beginnings

On April 19th, 2019 the sacred moon expands as she dances into her fullest state. Aligning in the sign of Libra, this Full Moon reminds us of our relationship to others as well as our connection to self.

The second Full Moon in Libra this year, we're being encouraged to revisit the wisdom of Libra, our relationships, balance and the sweetness of new beginnings.

Spring itself holds the energy of new beginnings, growth and change. As we emerge from the darkness of winter to the abundance of light and life, we remember the maiden energy within ourselves. Young, vibrant and throwing caution to the wind, the maiden reminds us of the sweetness of trust and surrender. Within this stage of life, everything feels possible and we trust in our ability to do and create anything.

This Spring energy flows perfectly with the Full Moon in Libra as we're asked to reevaluate and reconnect to all relationships in our lives. What feels balanced? What is not?

Balance is such a key theme here and touches every part of our lives. Does your time and energy feel balanced? Is your relationship balanced? Is your ability to trust and surrender balanced?

Of course though, we are really being asked to inspect the relationship we have cultivated with ourselves and those we call dearest in our lives. If something feels imbalanced, perhaps it's time to step back and perceive the relationship with fresh eyes. Have you been neglecting yourself and your self care? Or have you been resting so much so that your life is in disarray?

The message we've been feeling deeply here at GoddessCeremony is this~

"Return to the sweetness of life. See your life with fresh eyes and with joy, optimism and opportunity the way a Maiden would witness it. Allow balance to be restored and love to flourish in your heart. This is just the beginning."

So yes, this is a sacred new beginning for ourselves and our relationships. So many beautiful things are aligning.

-Here's 3 powerful ways to celebrate this Full Moon-

1) Reflect on all of your relationships and determine which ones are the most significant to you. Ask yourself if there's anything you can do to nurture these relationships during this time of new beginnings. Perhaps lunch with a friend or a thoughtful card is deeply needed right now. Tune in.

2) Ask yourself what kind of relationship you are cultivating with yourself. How do you speak to yourself? Are you kind when things get challenging or do you immediately criticize and pick yourself apart? I encourage you to take this next month to live from a space of love and acceptance for yourself. Be kind and gentle. Wake up each morning and thank your body for carrying you through life. Through gratitude, you will create an even more sacred relationship with yourself.

3) Make space to dance and flow. Find an empowering playlist and let yourself relish in this bright, bold energy. The Full Moon is typically our most energetic time as women so enjoy this sacred experience!

Know that you are loved, always.

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder


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