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  • Sarah Del Rey

How to Create a Magical Altar Space

Altar, Sacred Space, Zen Zone, whatever you refer to it as, has the potential to hold so much magic, power, serenity, and positive energy. So setting up a dedicated space in your space for this can make a huge impact on your soul and self, and I highly recommend it!

I refer to my dedicated space as my altar. There, I keep things that I feel deeply connected to. These can be things I’ve collected over time or thoughtful gifts from friends and family. Not only does this space bring me peace and aid in my grounding, but it’s also an amazing way to showcase all my cherished items!

Upon my altar rests, a Christmas Cactus (my longest living plant named, Alice), my beautiful salt lamp, palo santo, sage, my crystals (purposely placed in a spiral design), a flower of life crystal grid, a Positive Energy Reiki charged candle, a big pinecone, seashells, sea glass, and some positive words & mantras!

The altar really does enhance my space and life! I see it when I wake up, go to sleep, and I visit it often, especially in hard times. Reading the mantras, feeling positive energy, and seeing the beauty reminds me that I AM ground and I AM whatever I need at that time, whether it be strength, confident, or a gentle reminder that I matter and I have stardust running through my veins.

I’ll take time to meditate at my altar, cleanse it with sage and palo santo when necessary, and add things to it!

On the Full Moon, I remove my crystals from the altar and place them outside to be cleansed and charged by the moon’s light and energy. The next day, I arrange them back on my altar and find this act to be quite meditative.

The pinecone, seashells, and sea glass remind me of how fortunate we are to live on Mother Earth. Nature is divine and incredible, as am I.

My altar space has even grown to other parts of my room as I’ve added crystal grids and crystals to my nightstand, plants, candles, and little symbolic spirit animal figurines like my swan, dragonfly, and butterfly!

I believe an altar can hold space for you in so many ways. It can be as simple as a visual representation of all the beautiful things you have already manifested. A call to your higher self. A safe space to state your intentions. Really, anything you need it to be for you at that time.

I always enjoy seeing and being in the presence of others altar spaces. Each as unique as their owner and a glimpse into their authentic self. I would love to see your sacred space and hear the meanings behind yours! If you feel called to share, please do!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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