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  • Sarah Del Rey

Great Rising Goddess Morning Routines

Great rising powerful Goddesses!

Speaking of great rising, how do you rise and honor each new day? Do you have a specific morning routine or ritual? What self-care and self love things are you doing to the set the tone of your day?

I love the idea of a morning routine and ritual. It really enhances my mood and grounds me before getting out of bed, which can make all the difference.

Something important to me is saying what I am grateful for. This can be out loud or simply in my head. Reminding myself of every GOOD thing I am fortunate to have in my life is powerful. This can be people, my home, my job, my soon to be nourishing breakfast, and I always like to take a moment to be grateful for myself too. To remember that I AM here to THRIVE another day and continue to be strong and grow on this journey through life.

Another part of my morning routine includes a guided meditation. I LOVE the App ‘Insight Timer’, which is filled with thousands of guided meditations. The particular one I listen to is, ‘Morning Ritual’ by Jason McGrice. It’s only about ten minutes long, but the impact of it lasts all day. It helps me to breathe and set my intentions for the day. I also love the GoddessCeremony Womb Meditation.

Lately, I’ve been neglecting something very vital in my morning routine and that is physical movement. I used to stretch every morning due to Physical Therapy, but because that has ended, I do find myself skipping out on that step! Therefore, I am here vowing to myself to start incorporating that back into my morning routine! Yoga is a great tool for first thing in the morning.

Lastly, I really enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing cup of magic. Most days, I nourish my body with a hot cup of Matcha Green Tea - it's so easy to heat up my filtered water and pour it over a tea bag. The brand I enjoy most is, Matcha Love, mostly because of the quality taste but you can also serve it hot or cold (always a plus!). If it isn’t a Matcha day, I treat myself to a big cup of hot cacao! I simply use a tablespoon of cacao, a spoonful of raw honey, and a couple shakes of ground cinnamon! If I’m feeling it, I’ll add a spoonful of coconut oil, and it's like drinking a warm healthy Almond Joy bar!

Morning routines and rituals can have such a positive impact on our days, in turn, our lives! It only takes a little time out of your busy day and sets you up for a little self-love and time for the self!

To recap, I like to begin my mornings by~ -stating what I'm grateful for


-adding in some movement / yoga

and enjoying a nourishing drink first thing

What are your morning rituals? How have they impacted your life? Please share your wisdom!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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