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New Moon in Aries April 2019 - Break Free

Fiery, sensual and dynamic Aries meets the energy of the New Moon on April 6th, 2019. While the sky is black as the moon turns inward, the ash of the past has created fertile soil for a new beginning.

Many of us have been feeling the energy of the New Moon over the last few days. If you've been feeling tired, a bit introverted, quiet or extra sensual, you're not alone. The New Moon naturally guides us into our most introverted state and typically we also experience a drop in our energy. Just as the moon turns inwards to rest, as do we.

2019 seems to be full of powerful astrological alignments and as we embark into the season of Spring, this New Moon is no different. The Aries energy radiating through this New Moon time continues to remind us of the call to step forward boldly and reclaim who we are and what we're here to do.

So what does this New Moon really mean for all of us?

It's time to break free from the box of how we think we're supposed to be living and instead, to trust in the innate wisdom within us that guides us back to who we truly are. Throw out the old beliefs and ideas about what you should be doing and reconnect to the infinite, powerful being that you truly are.

This wisdom comes at the perfect timing as we step forward into a new season and new beginning.

Here are 3 ways to celebrate this sacred New Moon ~

1) Let it go

Reflect on everything in your life and take inventory. What things are working well? What things are not? Is there something that could be released to create more balance and flow in your life? These can be little things like a personal habit or large things like a relationship or business connection. Allow the New Moon to support you in looking at the shadows.

2) Connect to your sensuality

Whether it's through a connection with a partner, solo or simply through creative expression, tune into your sensual, expressive self. Get artistic, be extra bold on your yoga mat, create something new and allow this fluid, flowing energy space to express itself. You can also find self care practices that ignite this creative expression.

3) Consider what it means to get out of the box

What beliefs have held you back? Do you feel you need to be a certain way around some people in your life? What would it look like to simply be yourself - the true essence of your beautiful self? We all have some limiting beliefs around identity and judgement so know that it's okay to feel these things rise up.

May this New Moon remind you of your greatness, your strength, your individuality and above all else, that you have a right to be here and take up space.

You are so loved.

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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