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Why a Social Media Detox Every Week is Life Changing

If you listened to our recent podcast about attending Tony Robbins in Los Angeles, you've heard me talk about some of my biggest takeaways and breakthroughs from the event.

I left the event with a lot of clarity about my life, my career and what I desire to shift in my life. I've completely given up coffee, recommitted to a regular workout regimen that is in alignment with what my body needs, made some huge decisions about the next year of my life (listen to the podcast here to find out about this huge alignments!) and I've also committed to taking a social media cleanse once a week.

As a business owner and someone heavily involved in the world of social media, I was hesitant to actually commit to this goal. Perhaps by taking a day off of social media each week I'd be missing out on potential connections or miss important messages. I created a list of excuses and reasons why this would be a terrible idea, and this sparked a realization in me.

I realized that I was in many ways addicted to my Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Since returning home from the event with Tony Robbins, I've taken an entire day off of social media every week, and I've been amazed by the effects. By simply taking one day off per week, I feel refocused and rebalanced in my life and my relationships.

The last few weeks that I've been doing this cleanse, I've found myself spending a lot more time outdoors on walks and hikes instead of sitting on the couch "working" as I peruse Instagram. It's been an amazing experience to disconnect and focus on what truly is important: the present moment.

If you feel some form of an addiction or dependency on social media, this might be a powerful thing to weave into your life! And in the last few weeks that I've been implementing it, I have not missed out on any powerful business connections or missed any key messages. In fact, I return to social media after my 24 - 36 hour cleanse feeling much more grounded and connected - thus allowing me to be far more authentic and heart centered.

Would you like to join me in this commitment? Comment below and let's keep each other accountable! For now, I plan to continue this weekly cleanse indefinitely.

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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