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My Review of Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins

Last weekend I had the chance to see the man Tony Robbins himself in Los Angeles, and I'm so excited to share my experience about the event. I had wanted to see Tony Robbins for a few years but was clouded with limiting beliefs around money, time off, etc. At the end of 2018 though, I saw an ad on Facebook for his Unleash the Power Within event and immediately I knew I needed to go.

The fact that it was held in LA also sparked something within me because I always need more sunshine, palm trees and the ocean in my life!

Without hesitation, I booked two spots for my sister Meadow and I to attend. It was both terrifying and exhilarating but all along the way I knew it was the right decision.

We drove from Utah to LA, booked an adorable hotel in Santa Monica and bright and early on Thursday morning, we arrived to the Los Angeles Convention Center to begin our journey. A note here: we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into.

I don't think I'll soon forget the energy of the room when Tony Robbins came out onto stage. We had all been sitting for a few hours waiting for the event to begin and then suddenly, everything shifted.

The weekend flowed non-stop from that point forward. On Thursday evening we learned what it meant to get into "state" - a peak level of being. The day built up in anticipation until all 15,000 of us walked on fire and found a powerful, limitless being within all of us.

The rest of the weekend just continued to build from there. I had dozens of powerful breakthrough moments, laughed until my ribs hurt, sobbed, screamed, yelled and unleashed something powerful deep within me.

You can hear more about my experience, the biggest takeaways and how my life has completely changed on the podcast episode here!

If you've been feeling the call to go to UPW or any Tony Robbins event, JUST GO. As a retreat and event leader, I was blown away by the level of professionalism, flow and perfect execution. It was truly a work of art. For his UPW events, he also occasionally offers buy one, get one deals so get on his email list.

From my peak state to yours,

Cassandra Wilder


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