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Full Moon in Libra and Spring Equinox March 2019

On March 21st, 2019, a powerful alignment of energies come together to create a potent and life changing era of new beginnings. Both the Full Moon in Libra and Spring Equinox have come together to create a sacred space of change.

So much is shifting in the Universe - can you feel it?

Not only are we witnessing a Full Moon in Libra, but also a Supermoon with the Equinox AND Mercury is still in retrograde. What does this all mean? Quite the blend of powerful energies that have all cumulated together to begin a new season with a bang.

With this many alignments and shifts in the air, it's likely you've been feeling it. Whether you've been feeling extra motivated, intuitive, sensitive or aware, you've likely felt some powerful shifts in the last few days. Many women, and myself included, have had late menstrual cycles that have aligned with this Full Moon - a sacred phenomena that often happens when there are major astrological changes. I've received emails from at least a dozen women sharing that their cycles were also about a week late and officially began the day of the Equinox / Full Moon.

Why are so many shifts happening? What does all of this combined energy really set us up for?

Huge new beginnings, my sister.

Throughout 2019, we've seen powerful moon alignments and astrological shifts. All of these shifts have brought us closer to a new beginning, a deep shift, a new way of living. It could be said that these shifts were preparing us for the magic of this moment as we sit on the brink of a new season and a new opportunity for change.

This is your call to action, sister: Stop playing small. Stop trying to people please. Stop worrying about what your friends or family will think if you "go off the deep end" and find yourself. Step up, reclaim the magical and powerful human being that you are. Remember that everything you need is already part of you, buried deep into the essence of your being. You are enough. You have always been enough. It's time to spread those wings and take flight.

So yes, this alignment is absolutely a huge deal and YES, now is certainly the time for massive action, healing and action.

Here are 3 powerful ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox and Full Moon in Libra ~

-Get out your journal and ask yourself what you choose to step into with this new season. What do you seek to embody? What things bring you closer to your Highest Self? Perhaps setting new healthy habits will feel authentic or perhaps making space to be at peace with what is will offer you peace. Take your time to journal upon this question.

-Manifest your dreams and desires with this Full Moon. Read about how to manifest here and then write out everything you seek to create with this new season. More financial abundance, a loving partnership, healthy friendships, inner joy, freedom from pain, a trip or a new job offer are all powerful things to manifest. Write it all out and trust that all is coming.

-Take massive action in your life. If there are big things you seek to create and do in this world, let this be the time you do it. Birth your new business. Create a new community. Establish something impactful. This is your time to show up and be a catalyst for change.

This is a powerful alignment we are witnessing so take the time to feel it, experience it and trust in it.

Has your cycle aligned with the Full Moon? Are you feeling the magic of this alignment? Comment below and let us know!

You are so loved.

With so much love,

Cassandra Wilder


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