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The Starving Healer Epidemic and What Needs to Shift

This subject is so very important and yet so few people are willing to discuss this epidemic. Why are gifted people unable to be compensated for their healing services?

In this podcast, Cassandra shares about her perspective watching many gifted healers and teachers struggle to pay their rent and the massive disconnect we see between the worlds of spirituality and money. Busting through some large misconceptions and even getting a bit feisty, this podcast is a must listen to!

You can listen to the newest podcast on the GoddessCeremony Podcast to learn more about this epidemic and what we can all do to shift it below!

Don't forget that if you leave a review on iTunes that you'll be automatically entered to win a FREE 1:1 Naturopathic Consultation with Cassandra (valued at $250!) Simply share your review on iTunes to be entered!

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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