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High Vibration Places to Travel

We are honored to share this guest blog post by the lovely Sky Wampler on travel and high vibration places around the world. Please comment below and let us know your thoughts!

When considering the destination for your next adventure, it might be wise to consider places that have a higher vibration than others! This is a personal opinion of course, but there are places that may speak to you more than others — places that might make you feel the most alive you’ve ever felt. I’m going to be writing about two of the places I’ve travelled and the ways that they felt like a higher vibration than others.

Québec City : Québec, Canada

What I did while I was there: City tour (I especially liked the libraries and history of the city), wine tasting, travelled to the island of île d'Orléans (lavender farms, strawberry picking, cider tastings, local shops), food night in Old Québec, horseback riding just outside the city, Montmorency Falls tour

Time of Year: June (it was warm but not sweltering)

Who I went with: Just one of my best friends!

Québec has honestly been one of my favorite places to travel to. The city is gorgeous (especially old Québec) and is rich with history. The food is amazing, the weather was fantastic, Airbnb's are super cheap and nature is right at your doorstep. One of the main things we looked at when choosing this destination was the ability to be enveloped in nature while also experiencing a city. The diversity of the language is gorgeous (I don’t speak French at all and I was completely fine) and it was so nice to be surrounded by an entirely different culture while still being inside of a primarily English-speaking country.

So what made it high vibration?

The thing that made it high vibration was definitely the culture. People are so kind, creative and open in Québec. This is different from a place such as New York, NY, for example, because there was no smothering air or people speeding from one thing to another without the time to look at you in the face, it was truly a very relaxed trip and it made me feel inspired, not bogged down with the negative energy of a city primarily focused on capitalism.

Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes: Cusco, Peru

Without a doubt, you’ve read articles about Machu Picchu. Truly, I didn’t feel good writing this article without including this in here, however, seeing as I’ve never been more inspired in my entire life.

What I did while I was there: Visited Machu Picchu (with a guide), tried local cuisine, sang in city squares, communicated with the locals, played with school children, attended mass (even though I’m not Catholic), went to the hot springs at the base of the mountain of Machu Picchu and felt overjoyed at the wonders of nature around me.

Time of year: June

Machu Picchu is always super hyped up, it’s a major tourist destination — yadda yadda. Yes, all this is true, but people so frequently see that as a negative thing when it can really be wonderful. Standing at the peak of the mountain overlooking the city of Machu Picchu will be a memory I carry with me until I die. The diversity of the city and the sheer beauty that comes with a modernized location smack dab in the middle of the jungle is majestic and full of good energy. The locals are helpful and willing to talk to you (if you speak Spanish). While I speak Spanish, the group I went with was led by primarily English speakers and they were all fine — especially in an area that lives off of tourism.

So what made it high vibration?

The holiness of the nature surrounding me made this an amazingly high vibration place to travel to. Again, Aguas Calientes, while devoted to the tourism industry, can really open up to you if you take the time to truly explore all she has to offer. Go to “podunk” restaurants that look a little off the grid, play games with the children, explore the world around you. There is nowhere better to explore this life than a place where you feel, well, out of place. It causes you to look at yourself and see who you are without the normal vices of American life, and it might inspire you to see your own locality in a different light when you return home.

Obviously, this article contains two places that hold a special place in my heart, but I think it will be easy to find high vibration places for yourself to travel to if you take a few things into consideration:

  1. Nature vs city life: I chose places that had both, but decide for yourself what you want out of your trip!

  2. Creativity based vs business based: Do you want local businesses or big chains? A city where the world moves in rapid fire around you or where you can slow down for a moment and really be in the moment?

  3. Other languages or your own: Maybe both. Maybe going somewhere new will inspire you to learn something new.

These three considerations are really big ones when looking at high vibration places to travel to. Best wishes!

Wishing you wild love and freedom,

~Sky Wampler

About the Author~

My name is Sky. I'm an adventurer, traveler, freedom seeker, yogi, musician, and nature lover. Some of my hobbies include playing piano, singing, writing and most days you

can find me curled up with a good book in a cozy nook somewhere. I'm currently an undergrad at UVA studying Creative Writing and Environmental Sustainability. More than anything I hope to leave this earth a more beautiful place than it was when I arrived.

You can follow Sky online at https://asimplenarrative.com/ and on Instagram @asimplenarrative (https://www.instagram.com/asimplenarrative/)


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