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Confessions of a Crazy Plant Lady

If you've been following Cassandra on her Instagram @wildgoddess then you've likely seen her posts about plants and the mini-jungle she's created in her home! Below she is sharing some of the things she's learned since becoming a self proclaimed crazy plant lady. Enjoy!

If you would've told me a few years ago that I'd someday have 60 houseplants, I would have laughed. As someone who accidentally killed every plant I ever bought, I certainly didn't have a green thumb. So how did I go from buying succulents and cacti at Ikea (and subsequently murdering them...) to someone who keeps 60 houseplants alive with ease? What changed?

Well, a number of things.

1 - I let go of the belief that I couldn't care for plants, that I was a plant murderer and that I was completely incapable of keeping any sort of plant alive. Not only is this a hugely limiting belief, but it was also manifesting into my reality. I really would accidentally kill any plant I got. Self fulfilling prophecy perhaps?

2 - I dated someone who understood plants and basic plant care and realized it wasn't this huge complicated thing. Seeing him water the plants once a week and then leave them alone to grow and soak up sunshine helped me shift my perception that having plants is a huge endeavor and full time job.

3 - I began adding plants into my life that are easy to care for and what I'd call low maintenance. These plants include Spider plant, Snake plant, Pothos and Dragon Tree. These plants thrive with a simple watering schedule, don't need too much sunlight and thrive when they're left alone.

I'm sharing a few confessions as a #crazyplantlady and what I've learned over the last few years as I've built up my mini-jungle.

-Confessions of a Crazy Plant-

-I'm not sure why, but having plants is a bit like getting a tattoo. Once you get one, you're kind of hooked. I felt so proud of myself when I had 10 plants, and then 15, and then 20 and I guess at some point I acquired 60. And I'm here to tell you that... I still kind of want more.

-The analytic side of me is eager to purchase an air quality machine so I can determine if the air in my home is cleaner or more oxygenated than the air outside.

-I'm happy to report that I have not become so obsessed that I've named my plants. Pretty much all of them just get called "little guy" or "plant baby". Somehow this feels more sane.

-One plant I'm super proud of is my beautiful cactus. I've wanted a large cactus for years and finally found one a few months ago at a moving sale. I'm also happy to report it is alive and well. (Cacti can be a bit demanding in terms of sunlight and are prone to overwatering)

-The plant I'm the least proud of is a little spider plant that has been struggling for about 6 months now. I'm not sure why it's been so sad in the recent months, but it's a trooper and keeps holding on.

-A dream plant of mine is a Monstera and I recently got one for under $20 at yet again another moving sale (I'm the queen of bargain plant finds)

-People often think that having lots of plants means hours a day of watering and pruning, but as someone who only buys low maintenance plants for the most part, I water all of my plants once every 2 weeks in the water and once a week in the Summer. It takes me about 30 minutes to water all 60.

-This year is the first time I've ever had my own porch and yard so you better believe I'm going to need lots more to decorate my porch.

Yes, this is a silly blog post but because so many people love seeing my plant posts on Instagram, it felt like a nice shift here on the GoddessCeremony Blog!

Are you also a self proclaimed crazy plant lady (or dude)? Comment below and let me know!

With gratitude,



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