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New Moon in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde March 2019

On March 7th, 2019, the moon slips into the shadows of the New Moon time, hidden beneath the surface of a watery and deeply emotional time. Aligning alongside Mercury in Retrograde, death and recreation are powerful themes during this New Moon time.

If you've been feeling extra sensitive, in tune with your intuition, tired, introspective or melancholic, you're not alone. Emotions are running high with this New Moon and likely we are all feeling a heightened state of intuition and awareness.

Aligning in the sign of Pisces, this moon has a very watery, moody energy to it. As things shift, ebb and flow, we are guided across the currents with a deep sense of awareness and introspection. Many women have shared that over the last few days they've felt the need to ponder some of the great questions in life ~ Who am I? What am I here to create? What does this all mean?

The first New Moon in January both closed a chapter on a challenging 2018 and began a new one and as we step into the month of March with this New Moon in Pisces, we see this first chapter of 2019 come to a close. Being guided into a new level of consciousness, trust and intuition, this New Moon is the catalyst for something new.

But what does that really mean?

As a chapter ends, we must be willing to trust in the closure and choose to move forward. Especially if you are feeling called to reminisce on the past during this moon time, this Pisces New Moon offers us closure. And after closure comes new beginnings.

Embodying the act of surrender over the next few days will be hugely valuable as these changes ebb and flow in the Universe. See this as a time to refocus, rejuvenate and reset into a new season of your life.

It's of course no coincidence that the Spring Equinox is fast approaching as a time of new beginnings, new life and rebirth. Mercury in Retrograde is also offering us the space to learn the art of surrender and flow as we trust in the waves of life.

A note on Mercury Retrograde: While some associate this time with chaos, misalignments and hardship, I encourage you to find your own meaning for it. This is a powerful time to be extra clear with your words and actions and take rest. Learn how to thrive when mercury goes retrograde here.

So much powerful change is already underway.

- 3 ways to Celebrate the New Moon in Pisces-

-Find movement and flow. Turn the lights down, find some empowering, sensual music and let your body flow. Pisces embodies the element of water so fluidity, creativity and expression are key here.

-Create space to rest and be still. You may be running through scenarios from the past, feeling melancholic or daydreaming of something new and while this is okay, we often become ungrounded by staying so much in our head. Re-root to the ground as you practice self care. See self care ideas here.

-Honor your story and what brought you here to this moment in your life. Journal about your life experiences and both the challenging and blissful moments that have brought you here in life. What is your story and how can you find power in it?

Take plenty of space with this Full Moon to s l o w down, be still and practice self care. While change is in the air, the best any of us can do is let go of resistance and allow the waves to guide us home.

With lunar gratitude,


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