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Cassandra Wilder Featured on the Sivana Podcast with Brett Larkin

We are beyond excited to share that in February 2019 Cassandra Wilder was interviewed by the lovely Brett Larkin. If you're not familiar with Brett's podcast The Sivana Podcast, this is an incredible platform of Eastern modalities, healing and personal transformation.

Brett and Cassandra recorded two powerful podcasts together. The first is all about reclaiming menstruation and beginning to call it a sacred and empowering time. The second is about women and the moon phases and how the two cycle together throughout the month.

Full of wisdom and lightheartedness, these podcasts are powerful resources for any woman looking to understand her body on a deeper level.

If you're not subscribed to the Sivana Podcast yet, you can subscribe and start listening below!

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We are beyond grateful for this opportunity to be featured on such a high quality and powerful podcast! Go and give Brett some love and gratitude for the amazing work she's doing in the world!

With gratitude,



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