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My Review of the Amplified Soul Live Event in LA February 2019

A few months ago, I met a beautiful human being at a business and marketing retreat and she encouraged me to follow Ruby Fremon on Instagram, so I did. Soon thereafter I began to see posts about her upcoming training in Los Angeles over my birthday weekend of 2-22.

Immediately I felt drawn to her event, Amplified Soul Live, a gathering with the intention to help you boldly shift your impact and rise as a leader. Within a few days of thinking about it, I received a full and embodied YES. So I signed up.

I was excited for a number of reasons. A) It was my birthday weekend and I had wanted to do something powerful and exciting to celebrate another year of life. B) I loved the theme of this event and the idea of connecting with like-minded visionaries and leaders from around the world. C) I LOVE Los Angeles and to have an excuse to go hang out on the beach, eat epic food and soak up the sunshine was a no brainer. So, I was in!

I was so blessed to connect with a dear friend of mine, Abigail, whom I had met in Costa Rica years ago at the beginning of my healing journey. We had instantly connected in Costa Rica and while we hadn’t seen each other since, we were immediately best friends all over again and shared a hotel room for the event.

Over the 3 day event, I experienced massive growth. I cried harder than I had in a long time in a powerful releasing ceremony. I said “Fuck YES” more times than I can count to powerful, life changing wisdom. I laughed until my ribs ached and my face was sore. I met amazing human beings that I know I’ll call friends for the rest of my life. I was reminded of my WHY and the impact I am creating in the world.

And of course, Ruby herself was such an inspiration to witness. Embodying immense strength and grace at the same time, I was amazed by her wisdom and poise throughout the entire weekend.

As the name suggests, I did feel absolutely amplified from the weekend and ready to go forth and be unapologetic in my message and purpose in this world.

Here are 3 powerful things I took away from this event in LA ~

1) I was reminded of the wisdom of our stories

By sharing our stories, we remind others that it’s possible to change, transform and perhaps even heal. Hearing so many authentic stories of heartbreak, loss, change and transition gave each of us permission to also share our truths. While i’ve shared much of my story online about my transition from law enforcement to Goddess Retreat leader, being assaulted and nearly leaving this realm on multiple occasions, there are other pieces of my journey that i’ve never shared in the online world. Perhaps it’s time.

2) I forgave people from my past and found unconditional love

The most transformative part of the weekend for me was the releasing ceremony on Saturday evening. Surrounded by 50 other intentional human beings and taking in the smell of palo santo, hearing magical live music and feeling so many emotions, we were guided through a practice of letting go. I was amazed by the massive sobs that erupted from me, and the deep healing that occurred within that sacred space. I found peace in my past and forgave some of the most important people in my journey.

3) My inner child felt nourished

From light hearted exercises, lots of spontaneous dance parties and space to connect with my dear friend Abi, I felt a new level of light heartedness and spaciousness. To laugh until I cried multiple times a day was such medicine, and I was reminded of the power of community and true kindred spirits.

If you’re not following the amazing Ruby Fremon, you can follow her on Instagram at @IamRuby or at her website here. Beyond grateful for this powerful woman and her love throughout this weekend.