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How to Be Successful in the Yoga World and Make Money

There’s a common misconception that making money from spirituality-related services is bad or blasphemous, and this is simply not true. It is completely and absolutely okay to receive payment for services that positively impact people and the world.

Yoga is a powerful practice that has provided healing for millions of people around the world, and yet so many yoga teachers find themselves struggling to pay rent. There are ways to create income as a yoga teacher so if this is the path you desire to walk down, this will give you some ideas!

1) Complete your Yoga Teacher Training

Take your time to search out the best yoga teacher training for you. There are many different kinds of teachers and styles of yoga, so get really clear on what you envision teaching and then find a training that will support that. We will begin leading 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in the next year but in the meantime, we highly recommend either of these trainings here and here.

2) Start Teaching Immediately and Become a Regular

Dive into teaching as soon as you can, and I think it’s advantageous to become a regular at your favorite go-to yoga studio. Get to a first name basis and likely you’ll be hired pretty quickly. Having a connection to a yoga studio can be a powerful option because a) you’ll have a space to teach and connect with the community and b) there may be options to expand your teaching with them through their retreats or yoga teacher trainings. This may allow you to become more of a salary based teacher with their studio or organization.

3) Be Active on Social Media

Whether Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is your jam, have a presence in the online world. Share things that are true and authentic for you and remember the power of vulnerability. Sharing your story will attract like-minded people that are going through similar struggles and journeys. This will also allow you to connect with people from all across the world and not just those in your immediate area.

4) Find Your Niche and Rock It

If prenatal yoga or a sweaty vinyasa yoga style is your jam, make that your message. When we have a clear foundation of our style of teaching and message, it’s easy for people who align with our style to find us. If you’re the kind of yoga teacher that swears occasionally, own that. If you are known for beautiful kirtan music at the end, embody it. Find what makes your style unique and impactful and then make it your message and calling.

Other ideas to make money as a yoga teacher:

-lead exclusive workshops

-upload videos to Youtube and monetize them

-work with yoga brands as ambassadors or sponsors

-upload videos to IGTV or Facebook (these videos will be monetized soon!)

-lead retreats or immersions

-lead yoga teacher trainings

-become a studio manager

We’ll be sharing a powerful podcast soon on the GoddessCeremony Podcast about money and the spirituality world, so make sure you’re subscribed on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play!

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